Star Trek Online sets World Record

Namco Bandai Partners, the distributor of Star Trek Online, set a world record Valentine’s Day in London, for the most people dressed as Star Trek characters.  The event took place February 14 on the Millennium Bridge in London where 99 Star Trek fans dressed as various Star Trek characters.

Fans appeared as costumed Klingons, Cardassians, Mirror-Universe characters, Vulcans, Borg and Federation officers from various Star Trek eras – setting the world record for the most people gathered together and dressed as Star Trek characters.

Professional Jean-Luc Picard impersonator Giles Aston assisted judges in authenticating the various contestant costume designs. Photo provided by

Gamer’s Edition Guinness World Records Editor Gaz Deaves encouraged other Star Trek fans worldwide to try to surpass yesterday’s new record. “We’re pleased to kick off this category here in London and hope other Star Trek fans around the world will come forward to break this record again,” he said.

This event has already been logged and placed on the Guinness World Record website and the gauntlet has been laid down for future world record challengers. Good luck.

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