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PAX East 2010 was full of goodies, but Day 2 held our interest just a wee-bit more than the rest. Why? Because we got a fantastic hands on demo with the upcoming Fallen Earth iPhone application, slated for a Q2 release.

Now I’ve used the WoW Armory app for the iPhone and it works great. Honestly, I’d be lying if I wasn’t thrilled with all of the info and details included in it. But the Fallen Earth team has gone well beyond allowing you to view stats and builds on a website. With the Fallen Earth iPhone app, you’re logging into the actual game server. That means everything is in real-time, leaving you able to do just about anything besides running a mission with your pals.

Chat with your clan, or even spew some tips in the Help channel all from your iPhone. You say you want to check your auctions? No problem. You can even create auctions, check your mail, remove items from your mailbox into your inventory, mail another player an item, and even craft multiple items in real-time! It’s one killer app.

Fallen Earth iPhone App Crafting

Check out our 15 minute video below or click here to see where Fallen Earth Associate Project Manager Dave Haydysch gives a tour of the app and shows us what it’s all about. One noteworthy disclaimer is that approximately 60,000 people attended PAX East 2010. With so many people in one building the cellular reception was flaky to say the least. Sending a simple text message was hit or miss and data was often impossible. Dave did manage to keep the connection rocking the majority of the time, but if you see a loading screen keep in mind it’s due to the circumstance of the location.

Keep an eye on LAGWAR.com and our newly launched forums on Monday when we post the rest of our Fallen Earth coverage from PAX East 2010. Included will be a sneak peek of the upcoming patches v1.4 and v1.5 along with screenshots and audio commentary from Fallen Earth‘s Dave Haydysch as well as info on and sound effects from the new Blight Wolf mounts!

Fallen Earth iPhone App Hands On Demo – PAX East 2010 from Brad West on Vimeo.


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