PAX East 2010 Review and Final Thoughts

Left to Right: Raim (Michael), Ziss (Brad), Sarc (Chris)

PAX East 2010 has come and gone but plenty of good memories remain. Despite size issues with the venue and some minor logistic flaws in the media design, the first Penny Arcade Expo to hit the East Coast was certainly a widespread success.

Over the course of three days in March 2010 myself and 60,000 other journalists, podcasters, and gamers managed to meet with representatives from companies like Alienware, Galaxy, Patriot Memory, EVGA, NVIDIA, Turbine, Fallen Earth, Wizards of the Coast, Turtle Beach, Tritton, and too many others to name. While chatting with industry folk and establishing new relationships are extremely important when running a website, it was great to finally meet the gamers that work with me every day on LW.

And after nearly two years of working at LW I was finally able to meet a couple of these irreplaceable LW team members in person. To me, that’s what gaming and the internet are all about. The idea of interacting and socializing with people, who under different circumstances, you might never have known. (See photo above – From left to right: Raim, Ziss, Sarc)

Countless hours of audio and video were gathered by the LW team at PAX East 2010. Certainly more than could ever be edited for posts. But after sorting through more than one hundred clips, I think I’ve managed to piece together a video montage. This video re-cap sums up my time at the Penny Arcade Expo on March 26-27 in Boston, MA 2010.

You can find more photos and videos from our PAX East 2010 venture by visiting the Video Game Events area on the brand new LW forums.

See you in Seattle this September for PAX Prime!


  1. You all look like a bunch of hippies. Wear a tie commies!

  2. LOL! Vid game journalists, or developers for that matter, don’t wear ties – come on!?. Don’t think they’ve done that since the 50′s. Must be an old folks thing :)

  3. I feel young now, meeting you guys in real life is gonna be weird. :S

  4. Just how many years young are you Rer? Wrew is hanging on to his final teenage years, but I think if you averaged everyones ages together you would get an average age of 30.

  5. I’m 19 hehe. Just barely over being a young whippersnapper.

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