WoWWatch: Too much of a good thing?

Birthday parties, flowers, pregnancies, and live hand grenades: not all surprises are good surprises.  But what about surprises in our games?  How much do we want to know about our new expansion before we scurry over to Best Buy feverishly hoping to grasp a copy in our sweaty little palms?  Do we always want to know what is around the next bend in game?  Or is it better left as a surprise – whether it’s a treasure or the open maw of a dragon?

Say Hi.

In Cataclysm we know that some point around the next bend is going to be the maw of dragon – Deathwing.  But that isn’t all we know about the next WoW expansion.  Blizzard has been dropping Cataclysm knowledge on us like it’s hot.  (?)  We know now that the two new races are worgen and goblins.  We know the new starting zones are Gilneas and the Lost Isles.  We know that new classes are going to become available for some of our favorite old races.  We know that our gear is getting overhauled again – and that this time not all our statistics are going to make the jump to the new game (say goodbye to mana/5 – J).  We know that raids, whether we like it or not, are going to be composed of your 9 closest buddies.  We even know that a blast from the past, Ragnaros, is busting back out of the elemental plane where we banished him; and apparently he’s pissed.  But have all the knowledge bombs Blizzard has dropped on us recently dampened the excitement for Cataclysm?  Is too much information a bad thing?

The newest addition to Cataclysm? Female worgen.

No and yes – possibly in that order.  Let me explain.  Certainly if Blizzard laid out all their plans for the expansion it would dampen the mood.  But I don’t think they have.  We may know the main antagonist of the expansion but very little is known about the events that will actually lead up to the encounter with Deathwing.  WOTLK was staged pretty similarly.  We knew going in that Arthas was ultimately in our cross hairs, but that didn’t ruin the epic quests leading up to our final confrontation with him, quite the contrary.  The same holds true for Ragnaros.  We know he will be making a Will Ferrel-esque cameo, but we aren’t totally sure in what role.  Even more intriguingly, we know that Blackrock mountain is going to have a new instance – and that it is not our old buddy Rag.  Who has been setting up shop down there since we last poked our head about?  While we know some of the big baddies that lurk around the corner in Cataclysm – we don’t know the story, not yet anyway.  Blizzard has given us the nuts and bolts of the new expansion but without the story we really don’t know what the finished product will look like.

Here's to something explosive happening.

Too much information can be a bad thing.  That’s why not everyone gets a beta key.  Whether you play for the new boss encounters or the story or both, without mystery, suspense, and surprise a game is little more than a bunch of brightly colored pixels flashing on the screen.  While I do not think that Blizzard has crossed the boundary into too much information land yet, I kind of hope they put a metaphorical sock in it from now on about the expansion.  I am sure that they still have a few had grenades waiting for us.  Let’s go see what they are.


  1. going to hijack the comments and say im excited for the alliance to support Furries and suggest that we transfer the guild over to be an all-worgen furry guild.

    secondly. is it really breaking the NDA to talk about story line? or is that person just a jerk? I dont think i’ve heard anybody break NDA’s to talk about lore… at least i cant remember it happening. I could see it being a big deal in SWTOR perhaps.

  2. I imagine there will be enough that we dont know to keep it interesting. I am wondering what blizcon will offer since it is in october and cata should be near release. I hope D3 will be the focus of this year and provide lots of info for that, and maybe even a hopeful release date or possibly a beta (which really means the date +3-12 months)

  3. It’ll be interesting to see what is available that’s for sure. Especially considering that you can basically find the entire Alpha on YouTube or some other site. Heck! I even posted up about 6 or 7 different spoiler vids that I found around the net.

    Honestly? I think this BlizzCon will still be “WoW” focused as but hopefully the theme will be more Diablo whereas last years was StarCraft. :) *fingers crossed*

  4. For Sarc – how is that even a question!?!?! Of course talking about the story of a game before it is released would be a violation of pretty much every NDA I have ever read. It’s the best part.

    For Chris and Brigwyn – I used to solidly affirm that Cataclysm would be released a few months before BlizzCon this year. I am pretty sure that I am wrong on that one. I think that Blizzcon will be just as WoW centered as always. And actually…this is bad news for you Chris – I suspect that with the release of Starcraft II that competitive SC2 play may sweep D3 under the table a bit. Especially with the release of Cataclysm possibly coming right on the heels of Blizzcon.

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