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Lagwar Presents! Show #5 is here for your listening pleasure. This is week it’s a special Guild Spotlight on The Crimson Guard. TCG is an Age of Conan guild who is on their way to Warhammer Online. Simply use our built in player, Lagwar on iTunes, or you can simply right click on the download link above and select “Save Target As.” Then when prompted, choose a location on your computer you would like the file to be saved to. Then listen and enjoy! Please be sure to leave iTunes reviews and/or comments. We love feedback!!

Here’s an overview of Show #5:
* presents a very special Guild Spotlight on The Crimson Guard
*This week’s show holds an amazing conversation with Agile and Racy from The Crimson Guard
*WAR launches Open Beta September 5th, two days early
*Brilen and Ziss prepare for WAR
*Brilen discusses the Lagwar iTunes Contest

Subscribe to Lagwar Presents! at the iTunes store today! Please send us your feedback, comments, suggestions, or guild & clan info to Presents…The Crimson Guard! An Age of Conan guild marching to WAR. Check out our amazing conversation with Agile and Racy from TCG on our Show #5 Podcast. The Crimson Guard wields a huge gaming history and has left their footprint in many MMO’s. They came to chew bubblegum and kick ass, and they’re all out of gum. Below is a short text interview we did for our non-listeners to enjoy. And for those of you who are podcast listeners, be sure to check out our conversation with TCG in show #5.

LW: So first off, what is TCG and how many members do you currently have?

Agile: We’ve had as many as 300+ in AoC. Right now we expect to hit the ground running in Warhammer at launch with at least 40.

LW: How did TCG get started? Was AoC the first game or do the roots go much deeper?

Agile: That’s a long story. To keep from putting your readers to sleep, we started way back in EQ and played darn near every game since. We had large guilds in EQ2, in World of Warcraft, in DAoC, and smaller presences in SWG and then a resurgence in AoC. We got started because we found a need for a group of adults who’d like to play together since early on, it seemed that the Internet and online games were dominated by 16 year olds. Well, now those 16 year olds are age 24+ and are looking to guild up with us.

LW: To reiterate some parts from question 2, what different games has TCG been a part of and for how long? Were TCG’sroots deep in these games? And was TCG as established in other games as they are in AoC? Whats some achievements from past games that TCG has participated in?

Agile: Oops. Started answering some of this, but hey, if you like guild histories, maybe other guilds do too! Basically, Racy and I were always very socialable. We started in a guild in Everquest – it was our first experience in guilding and we didn’t actually start it. However, we did recruit a bunch of folks for it, and it really taught us a lot about recruiting and recruiting quickly. We had an experience when we left our first guild and tried to land in another one. Essentially, their system of recruiting required grouping by every last person in the guild and then they all had a private vote on your suitability for their clique.. err, guild. It gave me a very bad taste for the process and I promised myself we’d never, ever, do anything like that to anyone. We have an application that we require, but it is more about someone’s seriousness about joining us than whether we’re going to put them through some approval process to get in. If they don’t want to fill out a quick questionairre, they must not be very interested, right? Anyway, there’s a line I developed when we started the guild in Shadowbane – “We don’t want any gankers, wankers, or power spankers.” Still true to this day. And our recruitment message usually starts with, “No drama. Zero Drama. We hate drama.” And we live by that. As mentioned above, we’ve been in practically every game out there. Raided in EQ, started in EQ2 and friends of ours in the guild carried the torch there, but some of the leadership left and went to WoW when it launched. Eventually, the guild we formed in WoW merged with two other fine guilds to form Band of Thorns that still raids to this day (8/29/08). We feel ourselves pulling out of AoC right now though. The game just doesn’t have enough at level 80 to keep a serious guild busy for long.

LW: How many of the current TCG AoC members are “original” members so to speak? Members that have carried over from past games that TCG has played?

Agile: In AoC we had about 5 or so. In Warhammer, we’re going to have some folks we actually played with in Everquest, some folks we picked up in Horizons (a husband and wife team) and others we met in WoW. And a whole bunch of great folks we met in Age of Conan.

LW: What attracted TCG to AoC?

Agile: The PVP. We really fell in love with PVP in Shadowbane, but preferred it in non-PVE areas. So, we tried a PVP WoW server when the game launched but found Battlegrounds to give us just the taste of PVP we wanted. So, we went to ZUG in AOC which was a PVE server, but had battlekeeps and all the rest. We were very excited initially with the PVP in AoC but became disappointed when we realized you couldn’t take over battlekeeps and there really wasn’t much point to PVP at all. Which really is what is leading us to Warhammer Online.

LW: Can you give a short rant on your thoughts on AoC? How the game has come along thus far, and also is the game headed in the same direction as TCG? Or are there plans for most everyone to move over to WAR? Any disappointments in AoC? Any particular aspects of AoC that make you super happy? Does the good outweigh the bad?

Agile: Great questions. Tortage – or levels 1-20, were some of the best PVE fun I’ve had in any game. Great quests, the destiny stuff was awesome, the game as such, was complete, no grinding. By 35, you start to see a chink in the armor. I started hearing from higher levels that there was a lot of grinding ahead. Not good. Level 45 or so, started doing some noble villas (repeatable instances). 60+ it’s basically a constant bounce between grinding and getting a few sweet spots where you can quest. Tossed in are a few instanced areas like Onyx Chambers or Aztel’s Fortress, some fun, some not so much.

LW: Is the game headed the same way as TCG?

Agile: No, not really. We are gearing up for WAR, very much so. Major disappointments in Funcom’s inability to deliver on the PVP promised for this game. Additionally, there’s little raiding, and what there is is pathetic. The graphics are great. So, I believe WoW pretty much shows that pretty graphics does not a great game make.

LW: What’s TCG’s status in AoC currently? I know I was told that you guys got down Champion Honor guard the other night. Can you give some details about what experiences and adventures you’ve had so far? Any sieges yet? Guild City status or PVE raid info? And what different methods and tactics have you had to implement to achieve these goals? Did any methods not work out, and you had to change to a different method?

Agile: I think one of our biggest accomplishments was being the 7th guild (and first really non-hard core) to get and keep a battlekeep. Since it takes a ridiculous amount of coordination and effort on the parts of so many people (like a T3 city, etc), that easily ranks as a distinctive effort and a great accomplishment. We both received a few sieges and had a fun time doing a rather civilized siege against Havoc a few weeks ago.

We made several attempts on Vistrix and Kylikki, but fact is, the game deteriorated so quickly and WAR came on the horizon with their preview and pre-purchase order excitement – we saw our level 80s leaving in droves. We decided to organize that effort and put our time into preparing our guild for WAR, pun intended. ;)

Last weekend in WAR, however, our guild PVPd like crazy in the scenarios. I see that we’re going to have a crazy amount of fun. Heck, I got to 500 kills on the first night of the preview weekend. :) My experience was pretty typical for the members of TCG.

LW: What type of guild does TCG consider themselves?

Agile: I’ve always rather avoided the term “family” as I think it’s a bit hokey. :) We’re not hardcore, since we almost all have jobs. Maybe strong casual is a term for it, as we’re very focused, we pride ourselves on being open to opinions of guildies so we tend to figure things out in game pretty quickly. Some guilds have leadership that have to do things “their way.” Not so, in TCG. If someone’s a great raid leader, we’re going to let them do their thing. If someone has good ideas on PVP, ditto.

So, I’d say hardcore PVP/RVR, given the time constraints of people with jobs. :) We also like to raid, but in the upcoming WAR game, it’s hardly a huge requirement.

LW: What type of players does TCG look for when recruiting? What are your recruitment requirements and processes?

Agile: Mature/Over 18, with the occassional exception. Not afraid to try things. Great sense of humor. Not afraid to try a joke and have no one on vent laugh at it. :) Requirements? Well, they’re on the website. Most have to do with not being completely freaking annoying in guild chat and not to beg. Those traits are usually found in 14 year old gamers, so, see the beginning of this answer and the “maturity” thing.

Our process is, if a recruiter doesn’t think you’re an asshat and you fill out our questinaire app on our website, you’re in. If, at some point, you prove yourself to be an asshat, you’re out. We are a zero drama guild. We do encourage people to give to others in the guild, whether it’s time, or items they come across. If someone’s always a taker or does something that’s just obviously wrong (say, grabbing something offered by a guildie and then selling it on the AH) – you’re out, with extreme prejudice

LW: Is there anything TCG would like to throw in this article that hasn’t been mentioned? Anything at all?

Agile: Sure, we’re really excited about WAR. I hope it lives up to its hype, since the gaming community could really use another “win.” And an alternative to some of the existing games out there. I like what you’re doing with your website, and it looks like it’ll be a great benefit to the community!

Visit The Crimson Guard online for more information.


  1. I have been with The Crimson Guard for a while now(since AoC), we are ready to go forward as a, if not THE, top guild on our server at launch.

    We are the top guild in open beta now on our server, and recently hit a guild rank of 9.

    We are dominating in PvP matches, and RvR, and getting quests and PQs done too.

    All in all, everyone is having a blast and is chomping at the bit for launch day!

    I am looking forward to seeing this site grow and become a rallying point for MMOers. Keep up the great work.

    From Lagwar Presents! Show #5 Is On The Record, 2008/09/11 at 2:12 PM

  2. Sweet article. Hope you all keep it going and I really hope the MMO community embraces this site as I’ve never seen anything else like it! Can’t wait to see what additions you make and the future spotlights.

    Lifetime Lagwar Subscriber

    From Lagwar Presents! Show #5 Is On The Record, 2008/09/08 at 8:26 PM

  3. I’m sorta new with TCG (joined during AoC) and just want to say that Agile and Racy are wonderful folks and care about their members. We have a great group of folks in TCG and I’m looking forward to great adventure with TCG in WH!!

    From Lagwar Presents! Show #5 Is On The Record, 2008/09/07 at 3:24 PM

  4. Great Podcast/Interview
    I’m being a Long Time member who was brought into the TCG Fold in WoW. Both Agile and Racy have been like Best friends and I would honestly do anything for them within my power! These people are true honest players and will do no-one wrong, unless you cross them first! Saying that, the Maturity doesn’t let that happen often.

    From Lagwar Presents! Show #5 Is On The Record, 2008/09/07 at 9:33 AM

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