LAGWAR #35: Battle of the Immortals Dev Chat

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Notes from LAGWAR #35 Battle of the Immortals Dev Chat:

  • Jon Belliss, Product Manager for Battle of the Immortals joins the show.
  • Meet Jon Belliss.
  • What Battle of the Immortals offers versus the A-typical MMORPG.
  • Amount of PVE and PVP content in the game.
  • BOI F2P Cash Shop.
  • Soul Gear, armor and item fortification and progression.
  • Ingame currency: Zen, Salary, Credit, etc. description and explanation.
  • BOI pet and mount system.
  • Social features and Marriage System.
  • Differences between the U.S. and Asian versions of the game.
  • Perfect World Entertainment E3 plans.
  • Download Battle of the Immortals for free today!

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