APB First Impressions

Many of you don’t like detailed prose, so here is a short summary.  You can read further to see the details.

Key points:

  1. Great download and install
  2. No auto run key or ability to map
  3. Cops versus robbers MMO Shooter
  4. Conforms to normal MMORPG conventions
  5. Outstanding graphics and awesome PvP game play
  6. Built in voice chat
  7. Looks like real world money can impact the game
  8. I will buy this game and play from time to time!!!

Cops and Robbers?  MMORPG?  MMOFPS?  Yes.  This game is both.  Realtime Worlds and Electronic Arts put together a real interesting concept.  Moreover, they pulled it off from what I can tell so far.  My first impression is based upon the present state of affairs in its testing.  The game does not go live until the end of the month, but they are putting out a lot of keys for testing and I played for a couple of hours.  I went through the download/installation process, character creation, tutorial, and some basic game play scenarios.

15 Jun 2010 @ 21:50:  Smooth as Silk Download and Installation

This important part of the gaming experience went without incident.


16 Jun 2010 @ 21:05 Open Cinematic and Character Creation

Of course, as a sworn law enforcement officer, I have to play the Enforcers! The character creation screen is outstanding!  Lots of detail in your ability to control your appearance.image

Dutch is Born! I named him after The Shield‘s Dutch Wagenbach.  Wonderful details and vast customization.  My son said that it reminds him of the customization found in Champions Online.  I spent some time on my HUSKY sized character and made him look pretty much like I do in real life.  Then I got welcomed to San Paro – the fictional city in which your experience unfolds.  This game is an amazingly well situated cops and robbers!


16 Jun @ 21:12 The Tutorial


I ended up going to the noob starter area to get greeted by an outstanding experience and my new contact Wilson LeBroyce.


Contacts are the mission givers. Wilson LeBroyce sent me into the streets straight away with the goal of cleaning up some gang tags.


16 Jun 2010 @ 2120  Mission Accomplished!


I tagged over the bad guy graffiti with our good guy propaganda.  I received a $118 reward, and I made level 2.  I hit level three by planting two bugs on gang member hideouts.  To move from level 3 to level 4, I raided a gang member explosive storage facility and took the explosive back for safe disposal.  Next, Wilson asked me to go get a gang member’s car and seize it!


16 Jun 2010 @ 21:35 Driving the Car!

It’s still WSAD, but this is going to take some getting used to!  I saw a few cars drive by filled with player character gang bangers, so I am not sure where this is going to lead us, but I can see all sorts of shenanigans in our future!  After I dropped off the car, I accidentally carjacked some lady.


As an Enforcer, you gain prestige for upholding the law and not hurting civilians.  On my last mission, I ran down two ladies who were just pedestrians in my carjacked truck.  However, I disarmed two bombs and now I am ready to finish the tutorial and move into the game!


You now are confronted with a choice:


Two PvP districts and a social district make up the basic world areas.  The game appears to be instanced around these three districts in a similar manner to Champions Online and Star Trek Online.  I decided to go straight into the social area to check out my character.  I was immediately stumbling into a market place that allows you to buy with either in game currency or RTW points that can be purchased via their website.  Yes, more micro-transactions are here kids!


Another neat feature I saw was a display point where you can purchase an in game display and post your own image.  Very clever.  My boys and I were talking about getting one of these to put nice pictures of our handsome family in-game.


I found messaging, markets, and the clothing shop.  The graphics are stunning.  I mean this place is gorgeous and the amount of customization is insane.  I saw some very cleverly designed folks running about the promenade.  My lack of creativity and time had me design this sensational outfit:


The badge looks like the star badge I wear, so I am happy with it!

I also found a place to buy the basic police car, but I did not have enough money, so I am forced to pick up cars on the streets.  I can’t steal cars, as I am an Enforcer!  Actually, my son is reading this as I write this, and he reminds me that yes I can steal a car – but I shouldn’t as a cop.  The game rules do allow you to jack people’s cars, but you lose prestige.  At this point, I am not sure what prestige gets you, but I bet it’s important.


16 Jun 2010 @ 22:00 The Mission to Apprehend.  I am the closest unit!

So I decided to go into the Financial District and take a mission.  I got into a fight with a guy named Shadrach.  I killed him twice, and he killed me three times.  I guess I was supposed to apprehend him, but I was not successful.  You have a time limit, and it was exceeded.  However, I did manage to wreck the ambulance with which I absconded to undertake my mission!


16 Jun 2010 @ 23:00 Summary

After finishing up tonight, my initial impressions are very favorable.  I played a few more missions and ran with a group.  We did a couple of raids and some stolen car recoveries.  A group of bad guys were our opp-force, and we won a couple and lost a couple.  There is built in voice chat, and I met a nice guy straight out of the gate. The jury is still out, but I imagine I will be spending some more time in this virtual world.

Website: http://na.apb.com/en


  1. So I’m curious. How varied are the missions/gameplay-styles? I could imagine getting bored of this game fairly easy if there weren’t enough mechanics in place to keep things interesting. Once you’ve put some more time into the game I’m quite curious as to what you think.

  2. I likely won’t play this merely because its too close to Guild Wars in the sense that its all instanced based. It just doesn’t have that MMO feel that an open world has.

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