MMO Weakly Episode #62

Welcome to another episode of PC gaming’s best in top notch podcasting, MMO Weakly. Tune in to hear Sarc and Raim as they dissect MMO’s, discuss proper beverages to consume while gaming, and a whole hell of a lot more. Use our built in player, MMO Weakly on iTunes, or you can simply right click on the download link above and select “Save Target As.” Then listen and enjoy as you are mesmerized by the sound, the alcohol, and the topics on the mind of every MMORPG player.

MMO Weakly Episode #62: A Troubled Show

  • A brief aside: My reformatting to optimize FFXIV meant that i lost some things i was too silly to save (think MMOW sound effects and music) and Raim had some crazy quality issues with his sound. HOWEVER the content is good and next week’s Comic Con re-cap will be amazing.
  • Weird News: Erotic games vs. gaming future. (I just realized this now, but think about combining those!)
  • Playing/Not playing: Sarc is overdoing FFXIV and introducing LoL to his family, he dabbled in WoW and SC2. Raim just plays WoW, imagine how bad it will be in Cata… He might’ve touched Vindictus a bit though.
  • Show Meat: RAIM PLAYS FALLEN EARTH! Cataclysm launch date! DCUO‘s Un-launch date, Aion gets less grindy (haaaaaalelooya) Sarc does tons of XIV content, UI improved, racism, population, etc. Sarc also re-caps news that Raim CLAIMS to have released previously…. oh and Team Fortress 2 goes micro transactiony! Finally, WAR gets the biggest improvements ever! We briefly discuss RMT vs. subscription via [color][non-mammal animal]‘s blog.
  • Drunken Rage: Raim is lame and lives in prohibition town, Sarc did the Polish Coffee (an MMOW original drink, don’t go asking for it at a bar) with a shot of French in there. Raim hates PUGs, I think… I also hated the pugs?
  • User Feedback: Josh McG inquires about Raim’s dedication to WoW, Steve Claims his Vindictus code and is interested in LoL, Mark brings up a device that i think we decided would have a very short shelf life due to advancing tech, Franklin talks Cata releases and debates “Sarc’ing” it up … again. Matt in a true patriotic showing, hates Vindictus, explains Raim vs. Sarc while reminding us that we might not have a good handle on the metric system. Also he tells Raim he’s WRONG! HA take that Raim-face! Does he read these you think?
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