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What a busy week!  Just one week after I lamented to my fellow bloggers that there was no WoW news, that we were being held hostage for yet another week, deprived of the release date of Cataclysm, the dam has broken.  News of the expansion has crashed like a tidal wave on WoW players, December 7th 2010, is the date that Deathwing will unleash his fury upon us all.  But there is so much more to talk about – the impending release of patch 4.0.1, the drakes of Ulduar, new glyphs, and guild changes – it’s a veritable smorgasbord of a WoW happenings!  So read on, loyal readers, read on!

I have to admit, I don’t really like doing this.  Writing a smattering of topics entry, that is.  You see these on sports blogs a lot too.  They are easy to write because you really only need a few sentences of analysis for each point you want to make.  They are very superficial, and generally – I don’t like them.  Generally.  But this time, and hopefully just this once, I will resort to the smattering style article, so away we go.

Lindsay Lohan has also missed a lot of time due to being "sick"...oh you didn't recognize her in this photo? Read down to the Ozzie section to understand.

The week that everyone gets “sick” – It’s the big news of the week.  Amazon was wrong (Nov 23), MMO champion was wrong (Nov 2), I was wrong (Sep 28 – OK I was wrong by a lot), in the end Blizzard pulled a fast one on us all.  December 7th will be an early holiday present (depending on your chosen faith) to all WoW players.  So rejoice in the certainty of the date.  Now the clock is ticking on some of the Old World achievements, zones, and factions.  I feel a cold coming on.

Interestingly this is not the first time I have used this picture in this blog...I was going to go with a "One Night in Bangkok" picture first but the Google search results were not what I had wanted.

The section that is best illustrated by a scene from the Lion King with a monkey holding up a baby lion, because life moves in circles – The release date of the expansion puts the final nail in the coffin of WOTLK raiding.  Tremble as your pathetic epics… are totally devalued.  Who wants to put in 2-3 nights of raiding a week to pick up gear replaceable by a level 82 green quest reward in a few months?  (The answer is no one)  However with the announcement of the guild leveling system, and the advantage of leveling with a partner or two, new life has been breathed into Cataclysm leveling guilds, you can never plan too early.  Shaman beware, mages have bloodlust too (something I actually correctly predicted) – your raid spot is no longer guaranteed.  It’s the circle of life.  Poor shaman.  (Hiya yi who eye eye eye – it’s the song…you know…the one from the movie…Tim Rice did the lyrics – they make as much sense as One Night in Bangkok – also written by Tim Rice)

Iz iz sory. I can't justify this picture - I submit to your judgment.

Patch 4.0.1 is snatching your classes up – And perhaps also your bandwidth.  The “mega-patch” (almost 5 GB’s!) will feature the new item itemization as well as the new talent system and glyph systems.  This will give us all a chance to test-drive our classes with new abilities before committing a single character to be the first to reach level 85.  Warlocks, your days of soul shard bags are gone – Druids you may no longer look like evil broccoli – not all the time anyway.  The patch is soon…maybe even the day you read this…(Patch 4.0.1, we are looking for you.)

Ulduar drakes are going like hotcakes – (except less sticky)  “extremely fast” (310%) flying is a purchasable money sink upgrade in Cataclysm.  The “extremely” will cost you, though, to the tune of 5000 gold (or 5G’s for the gangsta’ oriented WoWers).  As George Washington would say – that is quite a pretty penny.  It’s free however; if you get the 310 speed mount before Cataclysm.  The ICC achievement to unlock the drake is tough, you definitely can’t PUG it.  The Ulduar one however is quite PUGable.  Not easy, but PUGable.  I did a week ago with a group of guildies and a couple good PUG’s.  The mount was great.  Doing content that many players hadn’t (myself included) without watching videos first, where people had to recognize mechanics and react, rather than being coached through the fight was even better.  I recommend it, come for the mount, stay for the great boss fights.

Blizzcon 2010 has power comparable to many other conventions – (Bonus points for getting that reference) Blizzcon 2010 is now less than two weeks away.  To say I am ecstatic like saying that the sun is hot – it’s both an understatement and pretty obvious.  But I am going to say it anyway, actually I just did, twice.  This year Tenacious D is the musical guest.  This pleases me.  Last year when Blizzard rolled out the reanimated corpse of Ozzie – it was less than inspiring.  His attempt to connect to the “young” crowd consisted of the F-bomb dropped literally every second word (actually literally not figuratively literally).  Although he is only 61 – 10 lifetimes of drugs, alcohol, pain killers, turpentine, and whatever else you can scrounge up (a bat head?) will age you real quick (now called the “Lohan effect”).

So there you go – next week we will get back to the norm (read: I will be less lazy) and return to cutting edge analysis, commentary, and one sided sarcasm.  But until then remember – Tim Rice wrote the lyrics for Aida, The Lion King, and Evita.  He also wrote the lyrics for One Night in Bangkok – people can surprise you…in totally awesome ways.  Let’s hope Blizzard does the same with Cataclysm.


  1. LIES. Next week Raim will be prepping to go to Blizzcon. The article will be more shallow than ever.

  2. Obvious troll is obvious.

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