MMO Weakly Episode #63

Welcome to another episode of PC gaming’s best in top notch podcasting, MMO Weakly. Tune in to hear Sarc and Raim as they dissect MMO’s, discuss proper beverages to consume while gaming, and a whole hell of a lot more. Use our built in player, MMO Weakly on iTunes, or you can simply right click on the download link above and select “Save Target As.” Then listen and enjoy as you are mesmerized by the sound, the alcohol, and the topics on the mind of every MMORPG player.

MMO Weakly Episode #63 – Facebook: The New Herpes.

  • Weird News: Permenance vs. Pick up Lines
  • Playin/Not Playin: Raim has Fallen Earth coming up and… something he abbreviated as TL in the show notes. Hmm. Sarc did his WoW re-spec, played some FFXIV, and flirted with Starcraft 2 and League of Legends.
  • Show Meat: NUMBER ONE ISSUE. It’s still called show meat! WoW‘s sub base, Vindictus is code free, FFXIV lost a very important player, EVE does it again (but do you really care?) LOTRO is on the up and up! LoL sweeps GDC. Check out The Daily Planet, another LAGWAR podcast to listen to the DC Universe Online info from NY Comic Con!
  • Drunken Rage: Got moved up to earlier in the show! Raim hates his lack of free time, Sarc hates that MMO’s arent amusing him.
  • USER Feedback: Franklin sac’s up the minutia of WoW‘s changes, Josh McG chimes in with an excellent adaptation of Ghostbusters which Raim and Sarc attempt to roleplay. Listen to the outtakes…. so embarrassing that I actually deleted some of my own lines.
  • Loot Pinata: The Sarc Doll is WON! Congrats to Xerb who posted in the thread! If you want a Fallen Earth game code FREE PLAY! or a FFXIV 30-day buddy pass! “Like” LAGWAR on Facebook and post something on the wall about either FFXIV, Fallen Earth or both to enter for the chance to win the free play!
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  1. Glad to see you’re still podcasting Sarc – been a while since Aion eh? I see you have been playing GA, does this mean you have a Steam account? If so look me up; you too Raim!

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