This podcast is your gateway drug to the ultimate gaming high: WoW.  Listen in and join Raim, Sarc and Rich on their aural quest for the latest interesting WoW tips to improve your metagame (think auction house and addons) and banter about all things Azeroth.   You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll learn some surprising things each episode, and assuredly have a good time when you tune in to WoW: While Servers are Down.

Episode 3 continues on with Rich, Raim, and Sarc chattering on about all things Azeroth. We have an extended pre-Cataclysm talk about our expectations for the expansion. (Fear not, more recent shows will be released soon!)

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  1. avatar tomservonimus says:

    file not found. oh noes. : (

  2. this is a libsyn error. None of the files are available :/ i’ve listened to it through the player earlier so it was working at one point.

    Hopefully the hosting server is restarting some hardware or there’s another quickly fixed bug. Going to open a ticket, i anticipate that it will be back up within an hour.

    Thanks for the heads up!

  3. update: they responded saying its a DNS resolution issue that has been solved and now its up to Local ISP’s to update their info, once that happens it should solve the problem. So wait it out for another hour or so and hopefully we will see some results!

  4. avatar tomservonimus says:

    perfection, sirs.

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