LifeNet Fallen Earth Podcast #68


Welcome to LifeNet, a Fallen Earth podcast. Journey with us through the apocalypse as we uncover all things Fallen Earth. Each week LifeNet will bring player and developer information to the world from our makeshift bunker deep beneath the Embry Crossroads. Join us as we talk everything from strategy to lore and fight to bring the good word to the clones. Hosted by Heero from the Lords of War. Use our built in player, LifeNet on iTunes, the Zune Marketplace (Available Soon), or you can simply use the direct-download link.

Here’s the scoop on the LifeNet Fallen Earth Podcast #68:

  • Crafters Market.
  • New Year New Game?
  • Nufan heads up faction control points, what’s all this about? Why so much fighting?
  • Crafty’s corner: Ballistics.
  • January State of the Game.

The LifeNet Podcast is powered by your fearless host: Heero, Foreign Correspondent: Shorts, PvP Correspondents: Misbee Haven and Hollywood Undead, PvE Correspondents: Siberian and Crafty, Community Representative: Nufan, and The Guy Who Answers the Phone: ZeroGravitySE.

Upcoming Show Notes:
Starting September 25th all LifeNet live shows will occur Saturdays @ 11:00pm Eastern and run for 60 minutes. We are going to reward those who attend the live shows with some giveaways including Fallen Earth t-shirts and in-game booster shot key codes.

To listen to the LifeNet LIVE show! Click the BlogTalkRadio link in the right sidebar of the page or simply click here to go to our BlogTalkRadio page. Listeners will be able to listen live and chat with us in in the chat room while the show is being recorded.

Email audio questions in MP3 format to or leave us a voice mail @ 719-387-GAME containing your Fallen Earth questions for the LifeNet show.


  1. Sorry, havent been able to find any info on the forum – I really hope the episodes havent stopped ?

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