WoW: WSAD #6

This podcast is your gateway drug to the ultimate gaming high: WoW.  Listen in and join Raim, Sarc and Alvis on their aural quest for the latest interesting WoWtips to improve your metagame (think auction house and addons) and banter about all things Azeroth.   You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll learn some surprising things each episode, and assuredly have a good time when you tune in to WoW: While Servers are Down.

Episode 6, Prostadin/Protitute, continues on with Alvis, Raim, and Sarc chattering on about all things Azeroth.  We’re entrenched in cataclysm and having conquered the majority of end game content. This week, 4.0.3 is old and busted 4.0.6 patch is the new hotness, Paragon reached the kill screen for now, WoW may have its first real competitor, Three People with One things may mean the section needs to be renamed, Tol Barad isnt bad its designed that way, Blizzard fills its cup with your heroic tears, and our Frustratometer – Why go on!?

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  1. avatar tomservonimus says:

    Totally-rad, awesome-goodness. I’m enjoying the show a bunch. Rich is out and this Alvis fellow is in. Fun stuffs. Oh, just uh get Alvy a new mic and/or connection then a bunch of enjoyment will turn into a ton or perhaps more for me.
    Hugs and stuff,

  2. thanks! glad you’re liking hte change. Raim is still editing #7… lets spam him to peer pressure it out

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