MMO Weakly Episode #70

Welcome to another episode of PC gaming’s best in top notch podcasting, MMO Weakly. Tune in to hear Sarc and Raim as they dissect MMO’s, discuss proper beverages to consume while gaming, and a whole hell of a lot more. Use our built in player, MMO Weakly on iTunes, or you can simply right click on the download link above and select “Save Target As.” Then listen and enjoy as you are mesmerized by the sound, the alcohol, and the topics on the mind of every MMORPG player.

MMO Weakly Episode 70: A Wet Run

  • Weird News: Whats weirder than not having RAIM?! Well, a profitable youtube video and a mod for kinect that will change your life, at least for a week.
  • Playing/Not Playing: Rer is rocking WoW & EVE, but not RIFT yet. Sarc is similarly bland with WoW, LoL, and a little rift beta. FFXIV has not been played at ALL lately.
  • SHOW MEAT! Its finally being embraced by both hosts. DCUO did something awesome, launcheingON CONSOLES! FF13-2 and FF13 VERSUS are looking sweet, We found the game to kill WoW, RIFT’s collector’s edition is insanely OP, Portal 2 is going to unify gamers of all platforms, and EVE is too good for character pics.
  • Drunken Rage: This week there is just sober disgruntlement. Sarc is a little bitter about WoW’s same-ness and Rer is n00b-hatin’ because people are complaining about WoW’s hardness.
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  1. avatar edilberto says:

    Greetings from Panama guys! it’s just to let you know that the episodes 69 and 70 are not available on itunes. I love your show, please keep up the good work!

  2. Hey there edilberto, thanks for the heads up. I double checked the feed and for some reason our feed generator had just input a bunch of symbols effectively breaking the feed. Should be all fixed now and show up in iTunes momentarily.

    Thanks again!

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