WoW:WSAD 13,14,15,16!?

This podcast is your gateway drug to the ultimate gaming high: WoW.  Listen in and join Raim, Sarc and Alvis on their aural quest for the latest interesting WoWtips to improve your metagame (think auction house and addons) and banter about all things Azeroth.   You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll learn some surprising things each episode, and assuredly have a good time when you tune in to WoW: While Servers are Down.

Sarc was awful at posting, but this is all the more reason to subscribe on iTunes!! Check out episodes 13 through 16 and enjoy ‘em! We talk about a wide range of things from pre-4.1 to the present.  Send us feedback at or leave us a line on, in the forums or on our podcast post.

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