Day Z Pocket Toolbox for Windows Phone 7 (Proof of concept)

In case you were wondering where I’ve been, I recently got hooked on a fantastic Arma 2 mod called Day Z. Day Z turns Arma 2 into the first real zombie apocalypse survival game I’ve ever played – or heard of for that matter. And I’m pleased to announce I have begun development on what I am calling the Day Z Mobile Toolbox app for Windows Phone.

The great thing about Day Z is the true feeling of exploration and survival by organic learning. There is no in game map or compass, until you find one anyway. This makes learning landmarks and learning to orientate direction by landmarks within the 225km2 world of Chernarus extremely critical. When you create your character and enter the game world of Chernarus for the first time, your location is displayed for approximately three seconds in the lower right hand corner of the screen, only to never be seen again. This is your one chance to make a note of your current location and hit a wiki to view the world map and figure out your travel destination and route. I would never want any of that to change. There’s something special and unique about digging through maps and researching sources outside of the in game interface to obtain information. It’s not for every game, but Day Z isn’t every game. If anything, it’s the “anti-game”.

Day Z itself is currently in alpha, but my mobile toolbox app is currently pre-alpha. I plan on rectifying that very soon by having the alpha build available for download for those that wish to participate in testing and debugging.

Why WP7? I’m a huge advocate of Windows Phone 7, especially my Nokia Lumia 900. It is a wonderful platform that is doing some really great things, plus there’s an incredible homebrew development scene surrounding WP7.

Here are some features I’m tossing around for the alpha release of the Day Z mobile toolbox for WP7:

  • Interactive map of Chernarus, the Day Z game world.
  • Pivot and multitouch functionality.
  • Basic destination information.  IE., popular towns, destinations, hotspots, etc.

Below are some screenshots of the Day Z mobile toolbox proof of concept. Alpha and beta releases will be posted here for download for those that wish to participate in the testing and debugging of the app when its ready.

Looking ahead to the beta build, I really want to include other information such as guides, fan sites and forums, Day Z development notes, etc. Basically, a well rounded resource for intel.

If you have any suggestions or feedback you wish to provide, or would like to contribute to the project in any way, post in the comments section below or shoot an email to

UPDATE: Added two new photos taken of the pre-alpha app running on a developer/interop unlocked SGH-i917 Samsung Focus running OS version 7.10.7720.68.

My apologies for the poor picture quality. Just couldn’t get rid of the glare!


  1. Cool. When will I be able to download this?

  2. Hoping to finish up the initial version this coming week and post it up next weekend (end of June). Bought a new SSD so am currently transferring all of my files and data over to the new HDD. Will shoot to wrap it up this week and post it for download.

    More to come soon!

    Thanks for checking it out!


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