Lagwar Presents.. Shadow Company – Show #18

Lagwar Presents is back in full force and to start things off we’re kicking off season two of our Guild and Clan Spotlight series! This week we take a look at the Shadow Company guild. Bugbig, the guild’s fearless leader, chats with Brilen and Ziss about various MMORPG’s and takes us deep inside Shadow Company.

Here’s an overview of Lagwar Presents for 01/15/09 – Show #18:
* sits down with Bugbig from the Shadow Company guild
*Talks on everything from role-playing to the guild’s incredible presence
*Bugbig tells us what Shadow Company is all about, their history, and how you can join
*Written interview with Bugbig, Da’ Biggest Orc
*Videos and screenshots of Shadow Company
* News

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A chat with Shadow Company’s Bugbig

[LW] First off, what is SC and how many members do you currently have?

[Bugbig] SC is a mercenary themed, role-play respectful guild that caters to mature gamers (age 25-50). We have over 1,100 registered members on our guild website and have 5 active, in-game troops (WAR-Destruction, WAR-Order, LOTRO, AoC, and our newest Troop on WoW. We have also explored Vanguard and EQ2.)

[LW] How did Shadow Company get started?

[Bugbig] SC was formed in 2004 by myself in Everquest 2 on the Antonia Bayle (RP) Server.

[LW] To reiterate some parts from question 2, what different games has Shadow Company been a part of and for how long? Were SC’s roots deep in these games? Was SC as established in other games as they are in WAR?

[Bugbig]SC was active for several years in our first MMO, Everquest 2. We had approximately 120 members at any one time and were well respected in the Antonia Bayle server as a guild that could raid, roleplay, and most importantly to me a respectful and positive addition to the community.
We launched into Vanguard with about 80 members but majority of the members left after 90 days. Vanguard was left with a skeleton crew and was commanded by Captain Euwen (aka Iserod) who sadly after joining us in Age of Conan passed away at an extremely sad age and time in his life. His story, as told by his fiancée and friends, can be found on our forums as a sticky under our forums of “Community Board & Misc.”
When Lord of the Rings Online launched SC was there day 1 and still remains an active presence there with about 100 members lead by my longtime MMO friend and an original EQ2 member, Captain Oakos.
In Age of Conan, SC was there day 1 and enjoyed much content and the mature, gritty realm. We had over 140 members and were the second guild on the server to build a tier 3 city and hence claim a RvR keep. Some of the footage of our 4 year anniversary video is us “paying a visit” (smiles) to a neighboring keep.
In WAR we were there on day 1 and due to our history and core membership were quickly able to ramp up to over 100 members within a week and currently have about 200 members.

[LW] How many of the current SC WAR members are “original” members so to speak? Members that have carried over from past games that SC has played?

[Bugbig] About 100 of our WAR members are also members of previous/current MMO Troops. Being an established, cross-MMO guilds allows us to quickly ramp up and be successful as new MMOs are launched. Games come and go, to us the importance is the people behind the keyboard and the community we have fostered.

[LW] What attracted SC to WAR? What would you say is your personal favorite part of the game currently?

[Bugbig] Any major MMO is, by default, an attraction to me personally. WAR has great lore, a development team that truly understands and is passionate about MMOs, and some very exciting gameplay. My favorite part about WAR is the variety. You can quest, get some quick scenario PvP action in, grab the guild or alliance to storm a fort, work on unlocks, all in one good session. It is very accessible and varied, I like that J. With all that said, my favorite part of the game is the good folks of SC, that is what truly makes any MMO for me personally.

[LW] Why Ostermark-RP?

[Bugbig] RP servers (whether official or community designated) are the homes for SC. This is due to our RP and mature nature.

[LW] How deep into role-playing is SC? Does the guild have any special guild events for role-playing or any guild specific rules?

[Bugbig] SC has some fantastic role-players as indicated by over 1,000 In Character posts/stories on our RP forums. In WAR we have hosted several community RP events and it is important to bring the guild together for regular events/bonding and strangely enough to see the “face” behind the voice you see in kinship chat. Shadow Company hosts our Roll Call Event approximately twice a month. This is a formal, military formation where we give out promotions, awards, etc. Then after the formation we typically form up in squads for guild adventuring or may have a social event.

[LW] Can you give a short explanation on your thoughts on WAR? How the game has come along thus far, and also is the game headed in the same direction as SC?

[Bugbig] WAR is an excellent game and does deliver on what was promised…Excellent PvE, PvP, and RvR with its own special twists. I believe WAR will be with us and SC for a matter of years (much like EQ2 and LotRO).

[LW] Whats your thoughts on the new open-rvr system in WAR? Do you feel that influence should be increased, decreased, or is just right? How about the open-RvR rewards? Do you like the offerings or should they be tweaked?

[Bugbig] Rewards are great motivators to get the critical mass out there and do new things. The developers understand this and realized when RvR was down how to incent enough people to ensure it’s fun and exciting for everyone.

[LW] Whats your thoughts on the guild tools that Mythic has given us in WAR? Do they work? Anything blatantly missing?

[Bugbig] The in-game guild tools are excellent and am so glad they brought back roster notes and fixed some of the alliance management bugs. I also appreciate the in-game calendar.

[LW] Keeps design, whats your thoughts on the current design of Keeps? Do you enjoy the stairs “bottleneck”?

[Bugbig] Keeps are fun content but I’m sure there is more they could do here. Perhaps combine their PQ system (which esp in tier 4 is amazing) with how a keep is taken could be a good combo.

[LW] Currently the “Keg End” live event is taking place in the WAR universe. Can you give us your feelings on this particular event?

[Bugbig] I am having a good time in “Keg’s End” and also enjoyed the Heavy Metal event. And who doesn’t like fireworks, in fact our next RP event is a Waaagh party that will include us lighting off en masse all the fireworks we are collecting.

[LW] Have your guild member numbers stayed strong since the formation of the guild or has there been some low points due to server populations? And how is it now?

[Bugbig] Strong, fortunately we are on a server that is getting new members not less.

[LW] As a role-playing guild, does your guild have any lore behind it? Any particular theme to the story to make it more immersive while role-playing?

[Bugbig] The theme is a group of mercenaries; our motto is “For Power and Profit”. I chose the mercenary theme to allow the most flexibility in other’s role-play. A mercenary company gathers upon many different adventurer types of classes, races, and motivations which the differences I find interesting. However, we provide this under a structured, military umbrella to give a sense of camaraderie. If you wish to learn more detail on the company, we have approximate 1,000 posts in our role-play forums that tell the tales, background, and individual stories that make up Shadow Company.

[LW] Any particular members of the guild who have went above and beyond whether it be with role-playing or just generally helping the guild to move forward that you would like to give credit to in this spotlight?

[Bugbig] Would like to give a shout out to some of our officers, many that have been with the company a measure of years:
Captain Oakos: for his leadership and currently leading our LotRO troop
Ambassador Isis: for her coordinating RP events and our alliance
Seaufly: a real life grandmother who is such a sweet and positive influence on myself and the guild
Giznat – for all his support and artwork on our guild website
Also…Uundori, Wulfbur, Dagne, Desdichada, Dremia, Motley, Dheirdre, Ephiny, Wuneye, Talamir, Vash, Martuk, Rhianna, Scoop, Shadowfire, Asrael, Uundori. All fantastic leaders, friends, and officers of SC.

[LW] What type of players does SC look for when recruiting? What are your recruitment requirements and processes?

[Bugbig] We look for mature, no-drama, RP respectful adventurers. Our recruiting process can be found on our website and starts with an online application that asks about 8 questions of any potential member.

[LW] Is there anything you would like to throw in that hasn’t been mentioned?



  1. Enjoyed chatting with the good folks at For Power and Profit!

    Commander Bugbig
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    Thanks to the staff at Lagwar as well!

    For power and profit!

  3. Power and Profit all! /salute
    Excellent interview Commander.

  4. Power and Profit Shadow Company!

    Wonderful interview Commander

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