Gyrocopter Cab Confession…

confessionI have been in a lull lately with the Ironbreaker. I still enjoy the class, but ever since I entered Tier 4 I just don’t feel like I can do anything in open RvR or scenarios. Up until 32 (which I just hit FINALLY) I had been splitting my spec points between Stone and Vengeance. I only put points into Vengeance far enough to get the Powered Etchings tactic. The AoE knockback effect it added to Rune Etched Axe made Tier 3 scenarios a lot of fun. It seemed to give me a lot more utility and it also seemed like the only thing that I was capable of doing in T4. But I had a problem. I….well…I’m just going to say it:

My name is Slurm, and I’m a knockbackaholic.

Yes, I would use it as much as I could. I felt it was breaking up the line and causing disarray, but it wasn’t. It made me feel powerful seeing all of the people around me being thrown in every direction. I was like a little super hero, but I was simply a little fool.

Last night I tried something different. I saw that I had enough points that I could go most of the way through my Stone mastery and get Oathstone and a couple other abilities. I started really looking at my available tactics and tried to use what made sense. Basically, I’m beginning to play the class a bit smarter than I was. I usually do make an effort to look at any class I play in an MMO (or any game for that matter) and play them to the best of my abilities. But I think my love for punting people short-sighted my love for playing a class well. Not any more.

I’m finally at a point in the game where, I can change my Mastery spec and I will see a noticeable difference in my game play. At some point I will try out the other lines more fully and see which fits me best, but I have to say for the early levels of T4, I’m really enjoying Stone right now. Any Ironbreakers out there have any spec suggestions for someone reexamining the class?


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