WAR Clues – Rise of the Tomb Kings Blogger Package

Once again, in the Mythical fashion of keeping the Warhammer Online blogger community in the loop, a very strange and interesting package was delivered to LAGWAR.com today. In this package we received some strange items, one of which was a bone! Also included was a map of the Necropolis of Zandri, a small American flag, a diary, and a letter explaining what to do with these strange items. Besides the mini Necropolis of Zandri map included with the package, you can also see the in-game map of the Necropolis of Zandri from our game play footage from Games Day Baltimore here.

I’ll refrain from rambling about the items too much and just show them to you. So here they are. Feel free to leave a comment in the comments thread below. Also, feel free to post a comment with other blogs that received packages or even a pingback. I’m curious how everyone feels about the LotD expansion, and will it revive the game for lots of players that have slowed down their play time in WAR. Events like this really are a great way to get people excited, after playing some of the PVE in Baltimore, I’m definitely stoked about the whole thing. This package was definitely the icing on the (squig) cake!

Thanks for keeping us in mind Mythic!


  1. wow! how has nobody commented on this yet?!?

    This is totally sweet. it almost completes the US alphabet.

  2. The Q is turned a bit. I made a link for you over at Warhammer Alliance since most of the discussion for this is over there.


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