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Here’s an overview of Lagwar Presents, Show #27:

    *Lagwar.com speaks with Serinity and Kathorian of Eden, a World of Warcraft Guild.
    *Written and audio interview with the guild’s leadership
    *How Eden began
    *What Wrath of the Lich King brought to the game
    *Hard mode
    *Managing a guild economy
    *General info on Eden – Who they are, where they’re going

***Full written interview with the guild leaders below and hear Serinity and Kathorian of Eden on the audio podcast.

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[LW] What is Eden?

Eden is a World of Warcraft guild. We are an Alliance guild that began on the Mal’Ganis server in July of 2006. In May of 2009, we transferred to the Scilla server and now call Scilla home.

[LW]How did Eden get started?

Eden was created with the anticipation of the Burning Crusade being released. We were looking forward to smaller 25 man raids. Serinity previously managed a different guild in the past and many of its members were scattered to the wind when she left the game. When we learned about Blizzard’s plan to make raids smaller with 25 people, we decided to regroup and create Eden. We started Eden with nine people in July of 2006 and by the time the Burning Crusade came out in January 2007, we had a roster of 58 members.

When we created the guild, it was our primary goal to prove that it’s possible to have a really great community of players who also succeed in end-game progression raiding. One of the things that we saw happening with a lot of guilds was how they overlooked certain personality factors and made recruitment decisions based on a player’s gear and class; this (in our experience) resulted in a less than desirable raiding environment. Having to mute half a raid team in vent because they were obnoxious asshats isn’t how we wanted to spend our time in game.

With Eden, we have worked hard to strike a balance between maintaining a strong raiding team and a strong community. We feel that we have successfully shattered the mold of what a raiding guild should be and have proven that community and raiding are not mutually exclusive concepts.

[LW] To reiterate from the first question, what different games has Eden been a part of and for how long? Were roots deep in these games? And was Eden as established in other games as they are in WoW?

The core of Eden actually started in Asheron’s Call 2 (AC2). The guild was not called Eden at the time; it was called CoL (Council of Light). We played AC2 for over a year. CoL was a great community, but AC2’s content was limited and found ourselves creating our own games within the game out of sheer boredom.

As AC2 was dying, Serinity received a WoW Alpha invite through one of the members in CoL; she tested Alpha for about six months. Then, through various contacts, she got 35 closed-beta keys and moved the guild from AC2 to WoW beta. CoL went live in retail on Mal’Ganis in November 2004. In April 2005, Serinity quit the game in order to focus on real life issues. She later returned to WoW with Kathorian in August 2005. They joined a raiding guild formed by friends and remained there until they created Eden.

Eden has only been established in World of Warcraft.

[LW] How many members does Eden currently yield?

We currently have sixty-seven (67) active members. We have a pretty low attrition rate. We have eleven (11) members from 2006; of those, five (5) of us are from AC2.

[LW] What attracted you to WoW and what has kept you in the game for this long?

The main thing that attracted both of us to WoW was that it’s a Blizzard game. Their games have proven to be fun and creative. Kathorian has been playing other Blizzard games for years (Starcraft, Warcraft, and Diablo). World of Warcraft is a tough game to top – Blizzard is consistently coming out with new content, but more than that, WoW is a social game. One of the main reasons we enjoy the game so much is because of the community of players we share it with.

[LW] Can you give a short explanation on your thoughts on WoW as it is today versus WoW pre-TBC and pre-WotLK?

Short? Hrm…that’s a tough request. We have been playing since release and we have seen the game go through a lot of changes. Blizzard has definitely made it easier for more people to see end-game raiding content today than they did in the past. For example, in classic WoW, there were only a small percentage of players who were actually able to see instances like BWL, AQ40 and Naxxramas. We remember being in our shiny T2 gear and seeing players in T3 and having a certain amount of reverence for those players because they were able to see and conquer content that not everyone could do. Yeah, that may be a little geeky, but let’s be real – one of the more rewarding things in WoW is being able to accomplish something that not everyone can do; if everyone can do it, then it’s not as unique.

The Burning Crusade still had some of that mystic with the quest attunement lines. We remember when being able to step foot into Black Temple was a big deal. In fact, everyone on our raid team busted ass to get those attunement quests completed before they were removed from the game.

Today, most guilds are able to clear though a majority of 25-man Ulduar. We both understand and appreciate Blizzard’s business decision behind these changes (it’s just good business to appeal to more of your player base than a select 10%);however, as gamers, we don’t feel that game holds the same mystic it used to when end-game raiding content was more of a challenge.

[LW] In your opinion, has Blizzard taken the game in the “right” direction?

Actually, we think they have. We really like the implementation similar 10 and 25 man content and the hard modes achievements. Blizzard was able to successfully strike a balance between meeting the needs of casual players and more hardcore raiders. When you think about it, they really have a diverse and vast player base. These changes are incredibly impressive in meeting the goals of so many people with such varying agendas. That’s not an easy thing to do.

[LW] Are you excited about the recent 3.1 patch?

Yes we were. We were ready for Ulduar!

[LW] What’s one addition that either came in WotLK or post-WotLK patches that really stands out to you or was game-changing for you?

For Serinity, it’s the Achievement System. Blizzard has really found a way to keep the game fresh and interesting. The Achievement System is a great token economy that is built to appeal to a variety of players since there are so many to choose from – they have achievements for everything from PvP to vanity pets to titles. It’s a great way to put a new spin on existing content and provide players with other things to do other than just raiding, questing, or leveling.

For Kathorian, it’s the implementation of hard modes in raiding. Hard modes are a great way of separating more casual players from hardcore players while still offering the content to both.

[LW] Are you enjoying the WotLK raid content?


[LW] Achievements. Love them or hate them?

Heh, as you can probably glean from the above response, we love them.

[LW] Has your guild member numbers stayed strong since the formation of the guild or have there been low points and drama?

We’ve been really fortunate. We have not suffered a break-up, merger, splinter or anything like that. We think a lot of that has to do with our recruitment/selection process and also our determination to maintain our standards. We know the type of personality that fits in well within the guild and we recruit based on that profile. We won’t compromise our standards, so our success is directly related to the quality of our members.

The only drama we ever really have is when someone who is not a good fit for the guild manages to make it in and then is removed. It never fails; they always leave in a storm of drama and flames. Honestly, we think this kind of behavior speaks volumes about our community. People are accepted and treated as an equal the moment they join the guild. Members reach out to new people and make them feel welcome and a part of the community. Unfortunately, when someone isn’t working out and has to be removed or leaves, they take it personally and they lash out against the guild.

[LW] When running a “hardcore” guild, what different ways do you have to discipline yourself in order to keep moving forward and stay consistent?

The biggest thing is being able to adapt to change. If you cannot accept change and are constantly fighting it, then you can’t grow. We keep each other in check and we also have a group of great Officers who we bounce ideas off of to ensure we remain consistent and fair. Since the guild community makes the game so much more enjoyable, it’s not really hard to remain on track. We also surround ourselves with positive people who are invested in the guild’s success and are willing to do whatever it takes to get things done. It also really helps to keep your sense of humor about things.

[LW] Any particular members of the guild who have gone above and beyond that you would like to give credit to in this article?

There are so many people who have invested countless time and energy into ensuring that Eden is a great guild, it’s close to impossible to name just a few. Every single person, in some form or another, has contributed to the success of the guild.

[LW] What’s your guild’s current raiding status?

For current progression, we have Ulduar 10 and 25 man cleared through Yogg (13/14). We have most hard modes down in 10 man and just started working on 25-man hard modes this week. We suspect to have a few 25-man hard modes down by the time this article is published.

[LW] What different methods and tactics have you had to implement to achieve your goals? Anything you’ve tried that didn’t work out?

This article would be entirely too long if we discussed everything that we tried and that didn’t work. We are constantly looking at ways to improve. We are always evaluating our policies, procedures, and methods and seeking out ways to improve upon weak areas and make our great areas even better. We feel we have to be willing to learn from our mistakes, be open to new ideas, and be willing try new things in order to truly succeed.

[LW] Is there anything that’s not in the game currently but you wish Blizzard would implement that just seems so obvious that it’s missing?

Something to help us manage our guild economy! We have a unique (and successful) guild economy that assists raiders with food, gems, enchants, flasks, and more. Our guild economy saves our members thousands in gold and frees us from AH price instability. Right now, we use the vault and a dkp database to keep track of everything…it would be great if we could automate this system!

[LW] Is Eden active in the WoW community? Blogs, podcasts, fansites, etc.?

Serinity is on the board of advisors for wowheadhunter.com and a few of our members are contributing writers to various fan sites. We don’t have a strong showing in the community at this time.

[LW] What type of players do you look for when recruiting and what are your recruitment requirements and processes?

We look for players who are skilled in playing their class, who meet our minimum gear requirements, and maintain a certain level of maturity and treat others with respect. We actually have a check list for applicant expectations that includes the following (more detail can be found on our forums).

An applicant to Eden should:

    *be interested in PvE progression
    *consider themselves a raider
    *be interested in pushing new content
    *crave a raiding atmosphere that focuses on performance
    *want healthy competition
    *possess an excellent knowledge for their class
    *enjoy their classes and raid role
    *be reliable, dependable, and mature
    *willing to learn from mistakes
    *able to take constructive criticism
    *looking for a guild that has an excellent community
    *want to raid as a team member, not an individual
    *come prepared to every raid
    *have a good computer and stable internet connection
    *be willing and able to communicate in vent
    *want to be part of a highly effective team

We require the completion of an application and passing a vent interview. If an applicant passes the interview, they are invited to join the guild in a no-strings attached two week trial membership. If, at the end of the trial membership, it appears to be a good match, the candidate is promoted to a guild Initiate. Our initiate period is four months.

[LW] Where can our readers go to find out more information on Eden and what the guild is up to?

Our website: http://www.eden-guild.com

[LW] Thanks Eden!


  1. avatar Oakshin says:

    Eden was the best guild I ever had the priviledge of being in. Too bad they moved from Mal’Ganis they are greatly missed by many who couldn’t make the move to Scilla =*(. The Eden leadership team are wonderful people who for me made the game worth logging into. The community in the guild was like a slice of heaven of which I miss something fierce like. WoW for me has literally lost some of it’s luster with the absence of this guild on my server. I believe that anyone who hasn’t truly been apart of Eden also hasn’t imho truly even began to play WoW as it was meant to be played. I could go on, but the only people who could understand/believe what I’m talking about are the people that call Eden home.

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