Fraggin’ Podcast – Episode #2

Welcome to another episode the Fraggin Podcast. The Fraggin Podcast compiles the week’s coolest computer technology news and crams it into one 15 minute or less show and is hosted by Brad, aka Ziss. This is a test run so let us know in the comments thread if you like the idea of this type of show. Use our built in player, Lagwar Presents on iTunes, or you can simply right click on the download link above and select “Save Target As.” Then listen to the latest happenings in the PC industry.

Here’s an overview of the Fraggin Podcast – Episode #2:

    *Windows 7 Upgrades a pain for current XP users?
    *Bill Gates attempts Facebook, and quits
    *Foxconn CEO accused of tax evasion
    *Windows 7 cracked
    *Nvidia releases new Control Panel
    *Apple controls 91% of premium market
    *Weekly PC game release schedule
    *and more!

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  1. I have to point out that the Mac market control of the post $1k mark is pretty flawed. They dont factor in that most people who buy PC’s don’t need to spend over a grand to get what they want. Furthermore, those that do spend more than that are building or spending money on continuous upgrades, thus not even being counted.

  2. Indeed, but isn’t that a logistical flaw of all statistics? Unfortunately numbers are what they are, without side notes to annotate exceptions, and the “fine print” of the data they reflect.

    What’s worse is that reports based on statistics like that probably only encourage the average user to lean that much more towards Apple thinking that since it “controls 91% of the market”, it must be better.

    But, despite those metrics, I’m proud to say I’m an owner of a new non-Apple laptop that cost well over that thousand dollar premium marker. : )

    So take that Apple!

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