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With every MMORPG comes a whole slew of new classes and their abilities for which you must learn to be a successful player and Warhammer Online is no exception. The main class, or career as it’s called in WAR, that I play is a Greenskin shaman. Shamans are of the healing archetype but also provide many buffs for their allies as well as damaging spells and debuffs to help destroy their enemies.

One of the coolest mechanics of the shaman career is it’s special ability known as WAAAGH. This may very well be one of the most important but overlooked abilities any shaman has. The shaman’s WAAAGH is split up into two sides, Gork (damaging) and Mork (healing). As they say, some shamans worship Gork, some Mork, and some both. Since the focus of this particular article will be healing, I’m going to explain how to worship Gork as well as Mork on the battlefield in order to manipulate your WAAAGH and ensure that you get the most out of your healing abilities.

Before we get into mastery paths, let me explain the WAAAGH just a little bit more. If you’re playing a shaman and cast a damaging spell you will notice on your WAAAGH meter that Mork (healing) has increased by one point. If you cast two damaging spells in a row without using any healing abilities, your Mork meter should now be at two. While having these two Mork points, if you cast a healing ability such as Bigger, Better, an’ Greener that normally has a 2.5 second cast time, you should notice that the cast time was actually faster than the normal 2.5 second cast. For every point of Mork you gain (which caps out at 5), your Mork abilities will have a shorter cast time. The same rule applies in reverse also. So cast Mork (healing) abilities to gain Gork (damaging) WAAAGH and cast Gork (damaging) to gain Mork (healing) WAAAGH. Both Gork and Mork WAAAGH points max out at 5.

Tip: During Keep sieges it can be extremely beneficial for the shaman to keep damage-over-time or DoT abilities on the Keep door and NPC’s in order to gain Mork WAAAGH to decrease the cast time of the player’s healing spells that have longer cast-times like Bigger, Better, an’ Greener or Gather Round.

Let’s jump straight to the mastery path build that I use when healing:

Path of Mork = 19, Path of Gork = 0, Path of Da Green = 6

Path of Mork

At rank 40 you will have accrued a total of 25 mastery points. As you can see above I have maxed out the 15 basic mastery levels of the Path of Mork to increase the power of the following core healing abilities:

    *Bigger, Better, an’ Greener (Large single-target heal)
    *Gather Round (AoE group heal)
    *Mork’s Buffer
    *Greener n’ Cleaner
    *Gork’ll Fix It

You will also have a choice of special mastery abilities that you can obtain by spending mastery points if you meet the minimum point requirement. For my particular build I have spent an additional 4 mastery points to obtain the following special abilities:

    *Gork Fix’d It (Career Tactic): Gork’ll Fix It becomes 35% better on allies, but is 15% less effective on you.
    *Shrug It Off: An ally is charged with WAAAGH for 30 seconds, allowing them to recover from near fatal wounds. If the allies health is reduced below 20%, this effect will immediately dispel itself to restore 1144 health.
    *Do Sumfin Useful: Your target’s toughness is increased by 240 and they regain 1584 health over 10 seconds.
    *Feelz No Pain: Heals all of your group mates within 100 feet for 2085 health over 10 seconds and decreases damage against them by 25% for 10 seconds.

Path of Gork

Spending points in this mastery path will boost the following core abilities:

    *Life Leaka (DoT)
    *Bunch O’ WAAAGH (Channeled damage ability)
    *Ere’ We Go (Group melee damage buff)
    *Big WAAAGH (Damage ability)
    *Brain Bursta (Damage ability)

With this particular build I do not put any mastery points into the Gork (damage) mastery path. There is no Mork WAAAGH benefit from the amount of damage dealt, only from the number of Gork abilities used. For the practical purposes of this healing build I prefer to keep Gork out of my bag of mastery points.

Path of Da Green

The Path of Da Green is a solid and very supporting secondary path with this healing build. It boosts some very beneficial abilities that provide resistance and over all sustainability for the shaman and his group mates.

Here are the specific core abilities that Path of Da Green boosts:

    *I’ll Take That (deals damage to target enemy and heals for 150% of damage done to defensive target)
    *Don’ Feel Nuthin (shield that absorbs damage, can be cast on party members also)
    *Bleed Fer Me (DoT that heals defensive target for amount of damage done to offensive target)
    *Yer A Weaklin’ (debuff – everyone within 20 feet of your target will have their strength, intelligence, and ballistic skill reduced
    *Yu’z Squishy (debuff – everyone within 20 feet of your target will have their toughness reduced)

As shown in the images above from my in-game mastery paths, I’ve spent my remaining 6 mastery points in the Path of Da Green. While I did not get any of the special abilities that this particular mastery path offers, I use the remaining 6 mastery points to gain the increased functionality of this path’s core abilities. The Path of Da Green abilities increase survivability for the shaman and his group mates as well as increase the effect of the debuffs.


Tactics are one of the coolest features in Warhammer Online’s character development and individuality. Using the right tactics can really make or break you in those tight situations. While there isn’t one set of tactics that work for every single situation, these are the ones that I use on a regular basis when healing in realm versus realm combat.

Why Gork Fixd It is listed as damaging on it’s tab, I have no idea. Regardless, these are the typical career tactics that I use with the above build in RvR. Although there is the occasion that I do change out Git Outta Here with Discipline to get that extra willpower, but in RvR combat situations I find Git Outta Here more practical.


Like tactics, morale abilities are another feature in Warhammer Online that allow you to customize what benefits your character brings to the party based on the function you wish to serve. Building morale is extremely important which is another reason that I highly recommend utilizing your Gork abilities as often as possible without drawing too much attention away from the tanks.

Here are the morale abilities that I recommend using with my RvR healing build:

That wraps it up for the healing build that I use in various forms of RvR combat. Playing a shaman in Warhammer Online can be a blast. Gone are the days of spamming one or two healing abilities. By playing a shaman you are able to utilize damage and debuff abilities in order to boost your healing abilities to keep your warband alive and breathing while marching on the corpses of your enemies.

I will post the shaman build that I use for healing in PvE sometime in the near future. Until then, if you have any suggestions or tips you would like to recommend, leave a comment in the thread below.

Thanks for reading!


  1. O snapz! Ziss is showin’ off his l33t skillz!!!

    Lol, great guide man. Really good attention to detail.

  2. Dat Makes Me Dizzy is useless, given that the cast time is already 3 secs, and it’s far better to be able to cancel and run than to be a stunned sitting duck. Get RUN AWAY! instead. Gork Fix’d it is… eh, okay, but in terms of healing I’d probably take discipline instead and boost the HOTs (which is what most healing should come from).

    Git Outta Here and Extra Special Mushrooms are wonderful, of course.

    As for path of the green… eh, it works as a point dump. The tree’s abilities are rather poor at this point. Don’t forget that Path of Gork is nice for the times when you have to kill pets, or get caught out alone.

  3. Although the career changes were probably supposed to make a shaman’s heals consist mostly of HoT’s and single target heals, AoE is still alive and well, and in RvR it’s extremely important. PVE is a different story and actually I would probably change out my tactics to what you mentioned.

    As for points into Gork instead of Da Green. In group situations I see no point. You get no WAAAGH benefit from dealing more damage, only for casting the abilities. This is specifically for RvR and hopefully no shaman is alone in rvr, no matter the build lol. 6 points in Gork won’t boost your dmg enough to notice anyway. But you will notice your buffs are buffing for more points than before.

    Just a different preference of abilities I suppose : ) Whatever gets the job done!

    If we didn’t all have different methods, we’d only need one class, one build.

    Thanks for the comments!

  4. avatar gxbcmfto says:

    I always run discipline, extra special mushrooms, the crit ap regen tactic, and dat make me dizzy; instant rez is extremely useless in rvr and sometimes even in pve if a tank somehow goes down. I hardly every need to switch up tactics even for pve because our tanks guard some rediculous dps outputting melee/caster dps classes and tank like a boss.

    I also think that dropping extra mastery points into gork is the way to go, especially once you hit 70 as gorks barbs are AWESOME when running premade scenario groups!

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