The Fraggin’ Podcast – Episode #4

Welcome to another episode the Fraggin Podcast. The Fraggin Podcast compiles the week’s coolest computer technology news and crams it into one 15 minute or less show and is hosted by Brad West, aka Ziss. If you like the show leave us some feedback with topics and/or questions you’d like to hear on the show. Use our built in player, Fraggin’ Podcast on iTunes, or you can simply right click on the download link above and select “Save Target As.” Then listen to the hottest news in the PC industry.

Here’s an overview of the Fraggin Podcast – Episode #4:

    *EVGA’s new Dual 17” Monitor System
    *Patriot and Futuremark team up
    *Crytek CEO says there may be no Nextgen
    *Samsung targets gamers with 256GB solid-state drive
    *Sony offers support for faulty NVIDIA GPU’s
    *AMD expected to launch first DirectX 11 GPU this month!
    *Valve creating sign language for Half Life 2: Episode 3
    *Weekly PC game releases – Champions Online and Section 8
    *and more!

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Show notes:

    **Sony VAIO models potentially affected by the faulty NVIDIA GPU’s: VGN-FZ11X, VGN-FZ18X, VGN-FZ21X, VGN-FZ31X, VGN-FZ38X, VGN-AR11X, VGN-AR21X, VGN-AR31X, VGN-C1ZX, VGN-C2ZX, VGC-LM1XX, VGC-LM2XX, VGC-LT1XX, VGC-LT2XX


  1. Yes I would want to see this type of show again, sure I will leave a comment in the thread below with feedback.

    I like the show, it’s a nice news update because I am terrible at keeping track of the latest happenings.

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