MMO Weakly – Episode #7

Welcome to another episode of PC gaming’s best in top notch podcasting, MMO Weakly. Tune in to hear Sarc and Raim as they dissect MMO’s, discuss proper beverages to consume while gaming, and a whole hell of a lot more. Use our built in player, MMO Weakly on iTunes, or you can simply right click on the download link above and select “Save Target As.” Then listen and enjoy as you are mesmerized by the sound, the alcohol, and the topics on the mind of every MMORPG player.

Here’s an overview of MMO Weakly Episode #7:

    *What we’re playing
    *Aion – Beta game play discussion
    *World of Warcraft – Paid faction transfers
    *Demigod and League of Legends wishlist
    *Twitter Question: Who’s avatar is hotter? (See below and vote)
    *and much more!

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  1. (Comments are somewhat random, just following your discussion and writing my thoughts as I listen)

    You will drink Sunkist. This is mandatory, not optional.

    LOL YOU BOTH GOT FAN-BOI VIRUS. I told you how infectious it was. Perhaps you both should leave your thoughts here: I’m curious ^_^

    While I do wish PvP was from level 10 forward, it doesn’t take too long to get to 20 (which is basically the accepted level to begin Rift PvP). 25 is when you can then start PvPing in the Abyss.

    I’m fairly certain that 1.5.5 re-adjusted the camera controls (Don’t take that as gospel).

    Raim keep your mouth shut, go play Aion more. XD

    (I’m assuming by now, the 15th, you gents have already discovered the multiple endgame PvE, PvP, and PvPvE raids, so I’ll leave that to you.)

    Just turn Region chat off. Honestly, you’ll enjoy yourself more. You can focus easier, overextend yourself like a noob less, actually talk with your friends, etc. You’ll thank me later :D

    I can’t wait for Episode 8, for obvious selfish reasons. <3

    Thoughts on Twitter: (in short its evil).

    FINALLY, leather and chain mail = pointy bewbs. Pointy bewbs = fail. So, the left’s body is better… but I like the right’s face much more. So no winner! Muhahaha!

  2. If I recall correctly I had both alliance and horde on the same server since pre-bc. I think the rule for no opposing factions on the same server, for one account, was only implemented for PvP realms. I have also indulged upon selling tangled fishing line for Xg to myself on the neutral auction house. Though recently they changed it so that you can’t buy your own auctions, but if you’re playing with someone who also has a high level character on the opposite faction then you just buy out each others auctions.

    Also if anyone was to pay attention to the episode it’s obvious, at least to me, who’s character is who. I think the character on the left is better looking, but the person on the right is more awesome, so it’s a toss up for me :P

  3. Argh! Rer how can you abstain! That is ridiculous…and Wrew, that was pretty much a push on your account too. You are right though we shouldn’t have mentioned the classes! And as for PvE vs PvP servers, you are absolutely right. You have been able to have characters on different factions on PvE servers for some time now. I just don’t feel that PvE servers count.

  4. “We shouldn’t have mentioned the classes!”

    You can always just take all your armor off ;).

  5. Woah, woah, woah, this is a family podcast! That was highly suggestive!

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