LOTRO Siege of Mirkwood Date Announced


Announced for release in December 2009!  The Siege of Mirkwood announcement includes some interesting teasers:

  • Character Level cap increase to 65 from 60
  • Legendary items cap increases to 60
  • Enhanced combat system
  • A new 12 person raid against the Nazgul Lord
  • Dungeons of Dol Guldur
  • 100s of new quests
  • Shared storage – 20 items across your characters
  • Two new special items:  Nimblefoot Goat and the Harbinger’s Cloak (increased speed boost of 8%)
  • A new skirmish system with soldiers you control (now this is really intriguing to me)

One other point of interest is that if you are

  • a lifetime subscriber or
  • a multi-month subscriber

then you will receive this upgrade for free.  To upgrade, go to the https://myaccount.turbine.com/ site and just click on the UPGRADE button.   I upgraded mine this morning:


It’s a fine deal for people already committed to long term LOTRO, and it’s even better deal for those sitting on the fence as to whether or not to go multi-month.  When I upgraded my account, I also saw these additional goodies pop up:

  • Shared Storage
  • Extra Character Slot
  • Extra Character Slot

No better time than now I suppose!  I think this property will be around a long time.  Now I just need to get my Level 52 up to 65!  One Terms of Service note that I just picked up:

“The Adventurer’s Pack will not be available for play until after the Siege of Mirkwood is commercially released in the US and Canada.


  1. deceptive!! from the thumbnail i totally thought this was a new Warhammer promotional, i guess they dont have the copyright to the word “War” though.. my bad ;P

    I agree that this will be a property that exists for quite awhile, i heard they might re-open selling lifetime memberships for a limited time again. Indicates they plan to go for quite some time still.

    Whats the price point on the single month vs. multi month in lotro?

  2. Right now, you can get the retail digital download version for only 9.99, and lifetime memberships are back for $199! 3 Month plans are $29.97, 6 Month plans are $59.94, and monthly runs $14.99. There was a summer special for $9.99 per month, but I am not sure when that ends / ended. I don’t fuss over those sort of things, as I have a lifetime!

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