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The first real science fiction that I can remember is Star Trek. This tasty 1966 era Sci-Fi morsel whetted my appetite for all things Sci-Fi and thrust me headlong into a life long love affair with the genre.  According to the CBS official history:

“it was in the after-school market during the early 1970′s that the show found its audience.”  Well guys.. that was me!

This platform provided the launch point for my exploration of Neil Stephenson, William Gibson, George Lucas, Ray Bradbury, Isaac Asimov, and so many more that I can’t remember the whole list.  I love William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, and the cast of the original series.  Their visages represent a journey of alien exploration through space and across time.  When I was a freshman at Manatee High School, my best friend’s sister gave us a boxed set collection of Star Trek of short stories.  We devoured them and came back hungry for more.

The Star Trek fan community spans race, region, language, culture, and geography.  It permeates our worldwide culture, and its references bubble into our day to day lives.  Do you know anyone who doesn’t know what “Red Alert” or “Fire Phasers” means?  How many “Beam me up, Scotty” references have you endured in your life?  The canon is huge!  Fan fiction, television, movies, audio books, YouTube video spoofs, and a whole series of Role Playing, computer, and video games makes this a milieu that, for some, remains as real as the one through which we all walk.  I think the story matters, and I think that means Star Trek Online matters to many casual, sentimental, and hard core fans alike.  The story matters. 

In that spirit, I want to explore a little bit about what I am personally doing to re-immerse myself back into the holy canon and some of the options  available to you to enhance your Star Trek Online gaming experience.  Cryptic certainly wants you to immerse yourself into the spirit of the narrative based upon this statement about the game:

“…  captures Star Trek’s essence, guaranteeing that both longtime fans of Star Trek and people new to the universe will feel at home.”

Let’s start off with the most accessible Star Trek content and move toward the most recent movie release. CBS publishes an excellent web site that offers a wealth of information including this wonderful production time line which sets down the dates for the 10 cinematic movies and the various television productions:


This website provides a little bit behind Gene Roddenberry’s concept in addition to how he pitched Star Trek as “Wagon Train to the stars.”  [Aside:  Did you know old Gene used to be LAPD?]  Basically, Leonard Nimoy’s experience in 1960s Westerns really helped him fit right into this frontier space drama.    It is, after all, about contact with new races, cultures, and territories.

Q:  When does Star Trek Online occur?

A: In 2409.  This runs approximately 30 years after Star Trek Nemesis.

With that basic fact in hand, you now have the opportunity to revisit six television series, ten movies, hundreds of books and magazines, comic books, graphic novels, uncountable fan sites, and even my favorite — the audio book.  As I was preparing for my immersion, I decided that my first stop would be  I purchased three Star Trek related audio books:


After that, I felt like watching the original series.  Since the family and I were snowed in due to the great 2010 Tennessee blizzard, I strolled over to YouTube.   The full episode classics are available to enjoy @

These totally advertisement supported full length shows come to you for 0 energy credits (that is STO term for game gold).  


CBS also holds onto its property in addition to the YouTube release and let’s you stream the series from your their site as well:


If the written word tickles your Trek, then you should warp into the book side of the equation.  You can find many Star Trek stories on the Simon and Schuster label:

imageObviously Barnes and Noble or Amazon stand ready to provide you with many of these excellent titles, but you might also find some older gently used versions at the local book store. The books and audio books bring a sense of depth to the Star Trek Online experience.  For example, the Star Trek Movie Tie In audio book by Alan Dean Foster runs for 8 hours.  This replicates the entire movie experience, and it adds depth and color that the movie can’t possibly capture.  I started listening to this audio on head start launch, but I wanted something more.  I thought – why not go back to my favorite Star Trek television series – Deep Space Nine

iTunes provides three seasons of DS9 ready for immediate consumption.  I ordered them all!



Finally, on Sunday, the family and I gathered around the loving glow of our Samsung 50” HD to enjoy the iTunes delivered version of the latest Star Trek movie:


You can also find every sort of Star trek television and movie imaginable via many distribution vehicles. Check iTunes,, and Netflix based upon your distribution platform of choice.  Heck, you could even go to Blockbuster, but who wants to get their Star Trek content in an analog way?  You really need to have it beamed in to your home.


At the time of this writing, I am a Lieutenant 8.  My ship is the science vessel USS Shire.  I took a shot from a ground mission on the ground of P’Jem at a Vulcan Monastery to introduce you to the Shire’s Crew.  From left to right is Frodo, Galadriel, Xavier Morgan, and Gandalf:


This space shot is from a mission in a local asteroid belt:


So why the inventory of Star Trek entertainment on Lagwar?   As the title states – Story Matters.  I believe that a rich narrative background enhances my enjoyment of the game. Game play transcends the mechanics of progression, and the narrative depth associated with Star Trek allows me to go the places in the stories.  It let’s me meet the characters.  It allows me to go where no one has gone before – a place where the story is generative – it is my story, but it is in the comfortable confines of a place and time that resonates deeply in my soul.  Contact me in game @xaviermorgan.  If you would like to leave a voice mail or SMS text message, you can hit me @ (615) 266-6654

Live Long — and Prosper!

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