The Secret Formula…


I have not participated in all of the Tier 4 scenario’s yet, so please educate me if my assumptions are incorrect. But from what I have played, I’m really not enjoying myself immensely. I like the idea of having more than two groups per side. I like the idea of making the map larger to […]

On the couch…


Girl IRL, the Barbara Walters of Warhammer, started a fun little questionnaire aimed at the members in our happy community. So, with a low lit studio, soft filter on the camera, and a box of tissues, I dive into the questions. 1. What is your current main character’s name (or names, if you play multiple […]

Dear Mythic…


Mythic, please evaluate the experience requirements for the last two tiers. Thank you. But seriously, I have been leveling the Ironbreaker quite effectively through a mix of RvR and PvE recently and I have to say that the primary reason I’ve not been bored to tears with it is that I can see my bar […]

A quick peek…


Yes, I couldn’t contain myself last night. I know everyone says that T4 is meh, but I had to at least have a look. I ran my level 28 Ironbreaker to Kadrin Valley to see what was what. I will say the feel of the zone is amazing. The zone made me feel very small […]



First, a pet peave: I hate it when you almost complete a public quest, and suddenly on the last stage someone decides to “help”. Last night was one of those occasions. I had almost completed a PQ by myself, when a Witch Hunter appeared next to me and fancied himself to take the last hit […]

Bring out yer Blogs!


Hey all, did you know about this Warhammer Community Promotional Initiative thingy that Warhammer Alliance has going on? I’m only a month or so late to the game. Damn personal life! Oh well, I’m in the know now, and here’s my first burnt seared lightly baked offering to the blog gods: Hiryu02 over at Grumble […]



The following is the first of a series of articles I’ll be placing on Lagwar. As a gamer, I’m always trying to be on the lookout for the next game that I hope trips my trigger. So, the MMO’s I’ll be talking about in this series are ones I’m keeping an eye on. I know […]


Brilen meets my hammer

…or it didn’t happen! Well, it did: Yes, that’s Lagwar’s own Brilen. Now that she and Ziss have made Phoenix Throne their home, they will be forced to face me! So how did this first meeting end? Sure, I didn’t get the killing blow, and I didn’t even get her into the lava, but I […]

Not OP. Move along.


Slurmm the Ironbreaker is 22. He has been since last week, and gaining on 23 ever so slowly. That’s right, I’m back to my absolute favorite place to be in Warhammer Online; Tier 3. It can be hard to write sarcasm, but the previous sentence was LACED with it. Much like the punch at your […]

King for a Day


Seems like my plans did not go according to…plan… The Ironbreaker had been stuck at 17 for about a week until late last night when I knocked him up a notch. BAM! Since we in Indiana are relatively new to the Daylight Savings Time thing, it’s been a challenge getting the kids to bed when […]