Champions: Store Matters


I don’t care for the Champions store.  I am an old school AD&D player — 1970s style.  We earned our loot.  We earned our perks.  We worked for it.  Now the general argument seems to be that the C-Store’s RMT (real monetary transaction) system makes no change to the game equilibrium.  I come from a […]

Story Matters: Champions Online’s Mega-Destroid PQ


Games are rules.  Games are fiction.  Jesper Juul makes this the central them in his book, Half-Real: Video Games between Real Rules and Fictional Worlds, and we use this text in our class to discuss the value of narrative in the context of our gaming lives.   Professor Clayton and I set up a session in […]

Champions Online: The Walk Up Mission


So you are minding your own business in the desert when a camper you rescue walks up and chats with you.  “Dominion … thanks so much for rescuing me. I know of three scientists that were kidnapped and you need to rescue them!” When you accept the mission, you are placed on a timer (note […]

Champions Online: Want to be social?


With the proliferation of Web 2.0 social networks, you can’t leave your gaming out of Twitter and Facebook  posts!  Well, here is a quick start guide to enlivening your web social infrastructure and making you the toast of your social network.  Everyone shall bow before your shockingly awe-filled super powers! Configure FACEBOOK and TWITTER from […]

Non-WAR News Flash…


This just in, in other MMO news, Champions Online’s release date has been pushed back! This is the next MMO I plan on throwing some money at, so it’s a slight disappointment that its getting set back another two months. BUT, I commend any team (except 3D Realms) for pushing the game until its properly […]