Battlefield Heroes Review


Battlefield Heroes is a new third-person shooter developed by DICE. It’s a free download supported by a micro-transaction system. The goal of these “free-to-play” games is to attract you with a free game and then allow you to purchase avatar items and upgrades for your character. Battlefunds is the currency used to ‘rent’ weapons and avatar items for a limited amount of time. You can buy these Battlefunds through PayPal and most credit cards are supported as well.

You start off by creating and customizing a persistent character that you will use through the matches you play. The character’s experience, abilities, and appearance carry through as you level up. You choose one of two typical WWII allies/axis factions, customize his appearance, and join a game. The leveling system in Battlefield Heroes allows players to unlock upgrades and abilities as you progress. You gain XP for capturing flags, dealing damage, healing/repairing, and of course killing enemy players. You don’t necessarily need to get tons of kills to level up as long as you support your team. Completing missions, such as killing a certain number of people with a particular weapon in a match, earns you Valor Points. Valor Points are used to buy weapons and avatar items that expire after a week or a month (similar to Battlefunds), however these become difficult to get and are limited. There are also Hero Points which are gained every other level and are used to unlock minor abilities to add to your gear slot before games.