WoWWatch: Chair is broken.


I was looking around on the internet yesterday, as I am prone to do, and I noticed that the second wave of Cataclysm beta invites were being released soon. My heart instantly skipped a beat and I nearly fell out of my chair as I exclaimed “OOOOH!”. (OK – that isn’t entirely true, my heart skipped a beat for sure but the chair thing was probably more a fault of the missing wheel on one leg that randomly plunges me out of my seat and not so much the force of the exclamation) I want a beta invite so badly. A few days ago I gingerly sat down on my chair and compiled a list of reasons why I am so worthy of the honor of playing Cataclysm before the other peasants. It is long. It is divided into sections. It has doodles of myself playing Cataclysm (although in the doodles my chair is represented as being far sturdier than it actually is) along the margins. It is also not the topic of this article, the topic of this article is the amazing email I found in my inbox this very night.

S.A.R: WoW is a Lot Like High School


Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve made my triumphant return to the World of Warcraft. As I walked into Stormwind for the first time in six months, trumpets sounded from the waiting calvary and the townsfolk showered me with confetti and pie. They know me too well. Then, I came out of my daydream […]

WoWWatch: turkey time!


Welcome to a special holiday edition of WoWWatch! This week we celebrate Thanksgiving, the time of year where we give thanks that turkey is delicious and that there aren’t more holidays necessitate large family gatherings. In the spirit of the holiday this week’s WoWWatch will focus on what we (read I) am thankful for as a gamer, and in particular as a player of WoW. So read on because I am serving up a smorgasbord of Thanksgiving WoW tidbits that we should all be grateful for…

World of Warcraft reopens in China


World of Warcraft’s China servers have been down for the past six weeks but are now “partially” up and running. The servers went down while Activision moved the game from The9 to NetEase. The Chinese government’s General Administration of Press and Publication decided that more changes needed to be made including the censorship of skeletons and blood.

According to this report on MMORPG News, WOW is currently in closed beta for one week while the changes are applied. Current players have noticed that previous piles of bones have now been replaced by bags of sand. In-game talent tree icons, once appearing as severed heads, bones, and blood, are now represented as boxes. Additionally, blood is no longer red, but appears as black oil instead.

China has actually been playing a different version of WoW than players in the U.S. and EU have for quite some time. Undead characters who we recognize by their rotting flesh revealing bones are displayed with no visible sign of bones at all in China. Rumors have stated this the bones are a red flag to the Chinese because of the cultures high respect for the dead as well as spiritual superstitions, while they Chinese government has stated that the images were simply frightening to young children.

MMO Weakly Podcast – Episode #2

Welcome to the next fantastic episode of MMO Weakly (which was actually recorded a while back). Tune in to hear Sarc and Raim as they dissect MMO’s, discuss proper beverages to consume while gaming, and a whole hell of a lot more. Use our built in player, Lagwar Presents on iTunes, or you can simply […]