WoWWatch: Waiting is the hardest part…


Last night something akin to a small hurricane hit the town that I live in. Thunder boomed, rain came down in sheets, and the wind blew. The wind blew hard enough to completely topple a huge tree near my apartment complex that resulted in power outages– so no WoW last night. Initially I was disappointed by my lack of entertainment-giving electricity, it would ruin my plans to…run ICC – no, farm frost badges…no, kill Halion again? Nope. I wasn’t doing that either. I realized that even if I had electricity there really wasn’t anything in WoW I was planning to do. Judging by the desertion I’ve seen in Dalaran recently I am betting that many of you feel the same way. We are all in the same boat – waiting on the expansion, and if it seems harder to wait this time than other times – it’s because it is.

SAR: Hitting 80 Two Years In


Welcome to this edition of Some Assembly Required, where Syeric looks at being a new 80 in World of Warcraft at the end of an expansion. He’s been there before with his mage, but this time he looks back with an eye to the new player. What’s it like, anyways, being a new 80 when […]

WoWWatch: Gearscore’s got ya


I have been downtrodden, slurred, maligned, and separated – all for superficial reasons. I was told that I had no value, and could not contribute. I was informed that I was a burden on the greater group, that I didn’t fit in, that I was not worthy. I was discriminated against without being heard, without a second thought, solely because of the color of my gearscore.