WoWWatch: Bring the player not the ability


Bring the player, not the class. Blizzard has been pushing this mantra since the days of vanilla-WoW. Burning crusade brought the expansion of many class’s roles. You didn’t have to have a warrior tanking, druids could do it too, you didn’t have to have a priest for healing, shaman, paladins, and druids could step in as well. Blizzard has come a long way with the idea that a raid should be comprised of the best players, not necessarily just the best class composition, but there is still some work to do.

PAX East coverage starts Friday


PAX East 2010 hits Boston, MA Friday March 26th through the 28th and LAGWAR will be there to cover all of the goodness you can shake a stick at! Be sure to keep dropping by and the LAGWAR forums throughout the weekend for our exclusive PAX East 2010 coverage. You can also get tidbits […]

WoWWatch – Catacylsm and you: talent points

christmas tree pruning - IH image

Cataclysm will remodel old zones, create new ones, add new instances, and of course, add two new races to the game. But in the midst of all this upheaval many players will notice that their talent points have changed. This is a perfectly normal occurrence and will happen to everyone when they enter Cataclysm. There is a lot of rumor circulating so I wanted to take chance to explain exactly what (I think) is happening to talent points and what you should expect from Cataclysm.

Fallen Earth Dev Chat – Patch v1.3 – v1.5, Respecs, and much more

Last night Fallen Earth Lead Designer Lee Hammock joined the hosts of the LifeNet Fallen Earth Podcast for a developer chat on LAGWAR Radio. We have interviewed Hammock a few times now and it simply gets better every time. For those of you that missed the live stream of the interview, you can listen to […]

WoWWatch: How do you like your boss mechanics?


WoW is all about killing bosses. It’s true. Where do all the storylines in the game converge? Where does the best gear drop? And where is the most challenging gameplay found? It’s not a world quest, it’s certainly not PvP, it’s all at the biggest baddie in the instance. It doesn’t matter if you’re talking Deadmines or Icecrown Citadel. In the end, WoW is only as good as the boss fights that Blizzard gives us. If every boss was the same fight, no one would play – thankfully for us; Blizzard has given us some variety in boss fight mechanics. Below I will go through some common fight mechanics…but do we need more?

WoWWatch: turkey time!


Welcome to a special holiday edition of WoWWatch! This week we celebrate Thanksgiving, the time of year where we give thanks that turkey is delicious and that there aren’t more holidays necessitate large family gatherings. In the spirit of the holiday this week’s WoWWatch will focus on what we (read I) am thankful for as a gamer, and in particular as a player of WoW. So read on because I am serving up a smorgasbord of Thanksgiving WoW tidbits that we should all be grateful for…

LOTRO Bounty Quests


One of the things I rarely have the opportunity to do in MMORPGs is to engage in what the common vernacular refers to as end game quests / raids / content.  It’s not from lack of level – I usually level cap – but it’s a logistical nightmare.  By the time I hit the high […]