WoWWatch: If it ain’t broke…


Next patch AVR will meet its maker. At least Blizzard hopes so. This past week the devs announced that they would actively try to break the mod AVR with the next patch. Augmented virtual reality (or AVR or John Madden invaded your copy of WoW) is a mod that allows users to draw shapes and figures on their screen and share that information with other raiders. Need to show people where to stand during phase 1? Let’s draw a big red circle. Need to show where to drop ice tombs during the Sindragosa encounter? Let’s throw down some X’s. Need to draw genitalia over the screen for the whole raid? It can do that too. It can do so much in fact that Blizzard decided it breaks game mechanics and now are trying to break it. But AVR isn’t the only offender; there are many other mods that seek to turn the tides of encounters in the favor of the raider. Are these mods next? And should Blizzard ever have given us the power to implement mods in the first place?

WoWWatch: The perfect ending


We finally did it. The 10-man guild I play with downed the Lich King last week and in epic style. It took about 6 hours of work but finally all the random hiccups we had experienced in our numerous attempts took a smoke break and we grabbed our Kingslayer titles. After 6 hours over 2 nights of attempts, numerous strategy changes, tweaks, tweaks of tweaks, and complete strategic overhauls, we had finally accomplished our goal. Later that night I told guild-members that I thought that the Lich King encounter was “one of the best” raid bosses Blizzard had ever crafted for its players, after a few nights of reflection I take that statement back – the Lich King encounter is the best encounter Blizzard has given its players.

WoWWatch: Pruning it down.


Hear the music in the air? That is the death knell of the World of Warcraft – or at least that’s what many players have said this week. These players started ordering up last rites for the game after a single developer post that announced that 10-man and 25-man raids would share a raid timer and drop the same loot in Cataclysm. The sorry prognosticators of WoW’s fate argue that the changes will cause the death of 25-man raiding and with it the death of the game itself. I am loathe to admit it, but these players are right…or at least half so.