Empire Total War – Crashing history one turn at a time


Recently Steam had a sale offering Empire Total War for 50% off the $49.99 MSRP. Being a fan of the Total War series, I decided to go ahead and purchase the game, especially since it was half price. As many of you probably already know the game is incredible. It’s one of, if not the […]

It’s hitting the fan…


Winds of change is creating quite the uproar in the Warhammer community and I can’t say I blame anyone a little peeved at the situation. Grimnir from Grimnir’s Grudge informed me that they removed it from the game (at least for now), which is probably a good thing. This, as I see it, is the […]

QQ me a RvR…


…which is incidentally the name of the web comic that I might start one day if I ever get the time to draw it. I have been practicing thought. Here’s a self portrait (I know, how Van Gogh of me): I know, not great…still trying to get use to this tablet. Anywho, back to the […]