Mortal Online First Impressions


Many of you don’t like detailed prose, so here is a short summary.  You can read further to see the details. Key points: Slow Patch and Install No auto run key or ability to map such Can’t figure out a 3rd person view Lore, descriptions, and tutorials are sparse to non-existent.  A useless user guide […]

WoWWatch: Biting the hand that feeds?


Many players don’t appreciate it, but WoW is on the verge of a major shift. This past week the second wing of Icecrown Citadel was released to players, which means the next wing that gets released will pit us up against The Lich King, Arthas himself. Before I delve into this I have to warn you, this might get lorey, but I think I have earned it. I’ve written about game mechanics the last few weeks anyway. Tell you what, next week I will write about expertise caps or some theorycraft thing, you know, to balance it out. Anyway back to Arthas.