WoWWatch: Waiting is the hardest part…


Last night something akin to a small hurricane hit the town that I live in. Thunder boomed, rain came down in sheets, and the wind blew. The wind blew hard enough to completely topple a huge tree near my apartment complex that resulted in power outages– so no WoW last night. Initially I was disappointed by my lack of entertainment-giving electricity, it would ruin my plans to…run ICC – no, farm frost badges…no, kill Halion again? Nope. I wasn’t doing that either. I realized that even if I had electricity there really wasn’t anything in WoW I was planning to do. Judging by the desertion I’ve seen in Dalaran recently I am betting that many of you feel the same way. We are all in the same boat – waiting on the expansion, and if it seems harder to wait this time than other times – it’s because it is.

WoWWatch: Surprise! Lethal laser attack!


Sometimes the worst surprises in life, and WoW, are the unexpected ones. We aren’t talking about surprise birthday parties or surprise – “there is a $20 bill in my pocket” – I mean bad surprises, like I was walking down the street and SURPRISE – gunshot wound. Those type of surprises. So I was surprised and disappointed last night when we scrounged up a Ruby Sanctum 10 man raid and ran into some serious difficulties. It was a lot like a surprise gunshot wound except with more purple colored dragons and lethal laser orbs.

WoWWatch: Ready, set, wait…


So here we go – I will give you the reasons behind my approximation and then at the end give you my date, to the day, Cataclysm is going to come out –