Dell XPS M1730 Gaming Laptop Review


Laptops have emerged as respectable gaming machines over the last few years. In previous years, most laptops were frowned upon by PC gaming enthusiasts and their performance was considered laughable when compared to the monster machines that ruled the land performance enthusiast realm. A new day has dawned and thanks to the Law of Accelerating […]

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The Way It’s Meant to Be Played

I wanted to include this segment in my series on ‘building your own custom gaming PC’ because it is important that people know what they need in a computer in order to play there favorite games. Face it, the bogus minimum or recommended specs printed on the side of the box are never accurate, and worse yet are designed to make someone with a subpar PC buy their game only to find out they can’t play it. They would never be caught dead erring on the side of the consumer.

Build Your Own Custom Gaming PC – An Introduction


Like a lighthouse on a dark night guides ships haphazardly into a harbor amidst rocky formations of death, this series of articles, appropriately titled “Build Your Own Custom Gaming PC” will provide the gamers of the world with everything they need to know to build their own custom gaming rig.

I’ll help you:

Establish a Budget
Identify Your Needs
Find Parts Vendors
Identify the Best Parts For Your Needs
Match Compatible Components
Assemble Your Machine
Troubleshoot Any Problems
Select Peripherals