Shaman Mastery Path and Tactics Guide – Warhammer Online


With every MMORPG comes a whole slew of new classes and their abilities for which you must learn to be a successful player and Warhammer Online is no exception. The main class, or career as it’s called in WAR, that I play is a Greenskin shaman. Shamans are of the healing archetype but also provide […]

Not OP. Move along.


Slurmm the Ironbreaker is 22. He has been since last week, and gaining on 23 ever so slowly. That’s right, I’m back to my absolute favorite place to be in Warhammer Online; Tier 3. It can be hard to write sarcasm, but the previous sentence was LACED with it. Much like the punch at your […]

Bitter Rivals…Part 2

Bring it!

So, Bitter Rivals is out of the way as of yesterday. I did end it with unlocking every reward for the event, which gave me the title “Seriously Bitter”. Not the best title in my opinion, so I won’t be using it. May as well have said “Bitter, like, for realzies”. In my first part […]

What’s Happening!!


I live! I had 2 weekends of sickness, and a lot of changes in WAR, but I’m back and ready to party. In fact, I live in a new form. That’s right, if my last post regarding my inability to reach T4 wasn’t foreshadowing enough, the guild had recently discussed the current state of the […]

Put Chopyers to work for YOU


Thats right, I mashed Choppas and Slayers together, but enough of that!  Its time to get manipulative in your WAR career! Are you ready? How do you manipulate Chopyers to work for you you ask?  By making them level your healer alt!  There is no better time to start an alt than when a career […]