WoWWatch: It’s a steep curve…


Let me share a story with you. The setting is a 5 man instance; our main characters include a tank, a healer, and three DPSers, one of which happens to be a warlock. The group is progressing through the instance relatively well, but after the first boss fight the tank notices that it’s taking a little longer to clear trash than expected. He takes a quick glance at his DPS meters and sees that the warlock in the group is lagging behind. He inspects the lock’s gear and sees some improper itemization and shockingly notices that the lock is sporting some unspent talent points. He alerts the group, harsh words are uttered, a kick-vote is initiated and the warlock is booted. Not too unusual right? The lock should know better by now – L2P or whatever. What’s not usual about this story is the setting wasn’t Pit of Saron, or ToC, or even the Nexus, this story took place in the Deadmines. As it turns out our poor protagonist, the warlock, never had a chance. She was a new player (actually new, like this was her main) in a 5 man group with 4 heirloomed-out ICC raiders on alts. In a game where Blizzard is shooting characters to max level with blistering speed, how are players supposed to learn to play in groups? Or even in raids?

WoWWatch: The slippery slope


I am star pony-less. I haven’t bought one and I don’t intend to. In a week where an estimated 400K plus players have opened their pocketbooks to add a celestial steed to their stable, my wallet is staying firmly shut. My level 80 characters will have to suck it up and manage with their less-than-celestial steeds. They will just have to suffer through the pain and embarrassment of riding non-translucent mounts. Why handicap my characters’ coolness by leaving them with their less aesthetically pleasing “standard mounts”? Because I a little afraid of where this micro(macro)transaction trend could take us. What’s to fear from a translucent horse? I doubt it could bite – in fact I am not even sure it has teeth. Teeth or no, the horse can set a precedent, one that I am not happy about.