WoWWatch: It’s a steep curve…


Let me share a story with you. The setting is a 5 man instance; our main characters include a tank, a healer, and three DPSers, one of which happens to be a warlock. The group is progressing through the instance relatively well, but after the first boss fight the tank notices that it’s taking a little longer to clear trash than expected. He takes a quick glance at his DPS meters and sees that the warlock in the group is lagging behind. He inspects the lock’s gear and sees some improper itemization and shockingly notices that the lock is sporting some unspent talent points. He alerts the group, harsh words are uttered, a kick-vote is initiated and the warlock is booted. Not too unusual right? The lock should know better by now – L2P or whatever. What’s not usual about this story is the setting wasn’t Pit of Saron, or ToC, or even the Nexus, this story took place in the Deadmines. As it turns out our poor protagonist, the warlock, never had a chance. She was a new player (actually new, like this was her main) in a 5 man group with 4 heirloomed-out ICC raiders on alts. In a game where Blizzard is shooting characters to max level with blistering speed, how are players supposed to learn to play in groups? Or even in raids?

WoWWatch: Living on the edge


Last week’s influx of Cataclysm information has come and gone. We probably won’t get too much more information until right before Cataclysm hits (Blizzard is normally pretty hush-hush about these sorts of things). That means that we have one(ish) more real content patch before we enter the edge of the expansion dead zone. That wonderful time when hype for the expansion outweighs the allure of the current game, when the servers feel a little like a dive bar at 6PM – empty, except for that creepy old guy in the corner who has been eyeing you for the last half an hour.

WoWWatch: Oops…

Wrong way

In WoW we have the advantage of being able to hide behind our avatars, but things can still get pretty embarrassing. Unfortunately for us, combat logs, screen shots, and guild members with surprisingly good memories keep alive our “oops moments” much better than forgotten fellow saxophonists from high school. There are lots of chances at “oops moments” in WoW too. Take a game that most people play in some form of sleep deprived state, add cooperative team based gameplay, and then a pinch of “you can wipe everyone if you screw this up”, and you have the recipe for some pretty great “oops” moments. Whether it was an errant tab-target, a mistell go horribly awry, or an accidental DI of the tank mid-fight we have all had some pretty embarrassing moments while playing. Read on for a few (select few) of my most embarrassing “oops…” moments.