WoWWatch: The slippery slope


I am star pony-less. I haven’t bought one and I don’t intend to. In a week where an estimated 400K plus players have opened their pocketbooks to add a celestial steed to their stable, my wallet is staying firmly shut. My level 80 characters will have to suck it up and manage with their less-than-celestial steeds. They will just have to suffer through the pain and embarrassment of riding non-translucent mounts. Why handicap my characters’ coolness by leaving them with their less aesthetically pleasing “standard mounts”? Because I a little afraid of where this micro(macro)transaction trend could take us. What’s to fear from a translucent horse? I doubt it could bite – in fact I am not even sure it has teeth. Teeth or no, the horse can set a precedent, one that I am not happy about.