Lagwar Demigod Tournament FINALE!

DG tourny NEW finals

The final round of the tournament approaches. TONIGHT! November 3rd! are you excited? Put down whatever dinner plans you have, whatever homework thats due tomorrow and definitely dont watch any TV. you can Hulu that stuff anyway. NWA vs. Clockspiders Tune in here to the Demigod Finals!!! 9:15 EST. You wont need any fancy software […]

Demigod Tournament – 2v2 Registration Opens

Registration Registration is FREE! It is done by emailing the tournament coordinator: The email subject must say the format (2v2 ) and the team name. i.e. “2v2 Lagwarriors” The email must include: 1. Team Name 2. Names of the team members WITH A LINK for each player’s Demigod games list. i.e. Sarc – […]

Demigod Tournament Details Revealed

LAGWAR is happy to announce the details on our Supreme Demigod Challenge! Below are the rules and tournament details that we feel will make a fun and competitive tournament. These are what we plan on rolling with as of now but is subject to change given any patches that Stardock may implement or if there’s […]