A quick peek…


Yes, I couldn’t contain myself last night. I know everyone says that T4 is meh, but I had to at least have a look. I ran my level 28 Ironbreaker to Kadrin Valley to see what was what. I will say the feel of the zone is amazing. The zone made me feel very small […]

Not OP. Move along.


Slurmm the Ironbreaker is 22. He has been since last week, and gaining on 23 ever so slowly. That’s right, I’m back to my absolute favorite place to be in Warhammer Online; Tier 3. It can be hard to write sarcasm, but the previous sentence was LACED with it. Much like the punch at your […]

Fear of the future…

The End

First I must apologize for not having any posts last week. I was under the weather for most of it. Heck, a lot of people were sick last week. My daughter was sick, my wife was sick, some guildies were sick, Ziss was sick, Brilen was sick, im sure you were sick to! I was […]

QQ me a RvR…


…which is incidentally the name of the web comic that I might start one day if I ever get the time to draw it. I have been practicing thought. Here’s a self portrait (I know, how Van Gogh of me): I know, not great…still trying to get use to this tablet. Anywho, back to the […]



It seems that one of the hot topics currently circling around the WAR blog globe like a question mark shaped Satellite Of Love, is the options we have for advancing rank. It was covered very well over at the nicely redesigned Wizards and Wenches (even has that new blog scent). But I thought I’d share […]

Slurm’s Corner…


It’s a new year, it’s time for us to go back to work (or whatever it is you do) and get back into whatever groove we were in before the holidays. I hope you had time with family, friends, or at least time to cozy up with a game or two. I was fortunate enough […]