WoWWatch: Digging around

abandoned olympic village

Have you ever wondered what happens to the Olympic villages after the Olympics leave town? After only a month of use all those glitzy venues shut down – many for good, and are quickly forgotten. The Athens 2004 Olympic village was considered to be in disrepair by 2008. The idyllic Beijing facilities are going the same way. These “ruins” around the world serve as a memory of something that was all too brief. You may be wondering how this Olympic mumbo-jumbo has anything to do with WoW. Well, after six years of gameplay WoW has its own relics of half implemented oft forgotten ideas strewn around the world as well.

WoWWatch – Catacylsm and you: talent points

christmas tree pruning - IH image

Cataclysm will remodel old zones, create new ones, add new instances, and of course, add two new races to the game. But in the midst of all this upheaval many players will notice that their talent points have changed. This is a perfectly normal occurrence and will happen to everyone when they enter Cataclysm. There is a lot of rumor circulating so I wanted to take chance to explain exactly what (I think) is happening to talent points and what you should expect from Cataclysm.