Promotion and Donations

CROSS-PROMOTION is an integral part of running a website and building a strong community. Many cross-promotion options are gladly accepted and we are always on the look-out for new cross-promotion opportunities. If you run a website or podcast and are interested in cross-promotion, email us.

Contact us for additional options, submissions, questions, or to request a sponsorship information packet.

LINK US: If you would like to link back to LAGWAR and need a banner, click here.

DONATIONS: Additionally, donations are always welcome. Maintaining and expanding a site like LW isn’t cheap by any stretch of the imagination. It is also very time intensive. While we would never ask for a handout, we certainly won’t deny one. Your gratitude is extremely appreciated. Your contribution will further our growth by helping to cover costs like hosting of our various servers, podcasting equipment like microphones and headsets, software and mixers, trips to conventions, as well as compensation for our writers and contributors who spend countless hours creating the content.

This is the perfect time to mention our good friends at Typefrag…