Public Servers

As part of an initiative to be more involved and visible in the gaming community as well as drive more gamers to the site, we are beginning the launch of various community servers of all types. This is a test to see how popular this feature would be. If the demand grows large enough we will begin hosting these full-time. These will range from VoIP chat servers like Ventrilo to game specific servers like Left 4 Dead, Bad Company 2, and Modern Warfare. This is still in it’s infancy and will continue to grow based on what our readers/listeners want to see us provide.

Click on a server name for port and host information.

What’s that? You don’t want to use our servers? You want your own Ventrilo server? Get 25% off the purchase of ANY Ventrilo server through by using promo code LAGWAR.

We now have 2 Ventrilo servers running as part of a test run for LAGWAR’s “Pickup Group” campaign (more info to come), so be mature and respectful of other players and enjoy the free server. We ask that you join a room that is vacant unless you are joining a room someone you know has already claimed for you both to use.

Also, we ask that everyone who uses our community servers to report any issues, technical or personal, to Even if you have nothing negative to report, your feedback is greatly appreciated!

We will be posting up surveys soon asking what games you would like to see host public servers for. So stop back by and tune in to the podcast. Email any questions, comments, or suggestions you may have on our public server initiative to

Guilds and Clans: Are you in need of a Ventrilo server but don’t want the hassle or expense of purchasing your own? Get your own reserved channels on our servers. LAGWAR will create your guild or clan a channel on one of our servers and give your leaders administrative rights to your specific channel. This allows you to create new rooms within your channel and also gives you crowd control abilities to control who is using your channel. If you have a guild, clan, or group of gamers in need of your own Ventrilo space, send an email to Please include your guild or clan name and the username you will use to log on to the server.

Enjoy the free stuff and have fun gaming!

Thank you for your continued support!

LAGWAR Public Server Rules

Users and Admins

  • LW admins are found in the Staff Lounge.  Anyone claiming to be an admin who cannot enter the lounge is a fraud
  • Sound Boards are not allowed
  • Hacking or use of Ventrilo hacking applications will result in an automatic ban
  • NO Tolerance items:  Racism, sexual harassment, spamming of any kind – automatic ban


  • Use your Ventrilo admin privileges with some restraint. Excessive use of your admin power (moving players / admin / ,banning / kicking for no reason, etc.) will result in a loss of that privilege.

Channel Admins

  • You are free to create rooms within your channel.  (Please keep this at a max of 5 if possible)
  • Be diligent.  Password protect your channel.  You have the power to keep the unwanted out.
  • You can edit your channel details (name, password, etc.)
  • Racist or sexual channel names are prohibited.  If you’re not sure if it falls into that category, then it probably does. public Ventrilo servers are sponsored by Typefrag