Managing Editor: Brad West (Ziss) – LAGWAR Podcast [view profile]

Contributing Editor: Joe Garry (Xerb Painhunter) – LAGWAR Podcast

Content Manager: Christopher Bozza (Sarc) – MMO Weakly/Global HQ [view profile]

Copy Editor: Susan West (Brilen) [view profile]

Media/Feature Contributor: Michael Ingerson-Mahar (Raim) – WoWWatch/MMO Weakly Podcast

Feature Writer: Matt Hall (Xavier Morgan) – Story Matters [view profile]

Feature Writer: Andrew Kramer (Damoroc) [view profile]

Feature Writer: Sebastiaan De Bloem – The Dutch Gamer

Feature Writer: Chris Coke (Syeric) – Some Assembly Required (SAR)

Media Contributor: Matt Struble (Wrewdinge) – Global HQ Podcast [view profile]

Media Contributor: Jacob Fitzpatrick - LifeNet Fallen Earth Podcast [view profile]

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